PARK CITY, UTAH – Blue360° Media has acquired over 150 law enforcement publications from LexisNexis, covering 40 U.S. states. Blue360° Media publishes Law Enforcement Manuals, Code Books, Field Guides, and an Officer Series focused on professional development. With over 170,000 publications ordered each year, Blue360° Media publications help new recruits learn the criminal and traffic laws for their jurisdiction, assist seasoned professionals in quickly finding changes to those laws, and help department managers institute best practices with guidance on issues such as supervision, management, report writing, and passing promotional exams.

Focused exclusively on the law enforcement professional, Blue360° Media is a dedicated team of experienced legal editors, former law enforcement officers, and attorneys that develop content and solutions to make it easier for officers to access and understand the laws, rules, and regulations they enforce. “2017 has been a particularly active legislative year, and it is important that our officers remain up-to-date on the ever changing criminal code. At Blue360°, we are passionate about serving our men and women in blue, and we seek to keep them safe and succesful in protecting and serving in our communities,” said CEO Susan Slisz.

Inside this issue
  • A First Amendment Right to Record the Police.
2 to 4
  • Reasonable force is reasonable force . . . period.
4 to 6
  • Deadly Force: An officer’s failure to shout a warning.
7 to 8
  • U.S. Supreme Court Settles the Breath /Blood Test Refusal Controversy
9 to 10
  • Policing in the Face of Scrutiny
11 to 12
  • Suspects with special needs
13 to 15
  • Reading comprehension skills
16 to 17
  • ABOUT Blue360 Media.


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