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With content covering 40 states, Blue360o Media is the largest U.S. provider of legal information that is solely focused on serving law enforcement. Our publications include law enforcement manuals, code books, field guides, and an Officer Series focused on professional development.

Blue360o Media is the leading provider of custom publications that serve the direct needs of agencies and departments.

Our code books include:

-Exclusive highlights of key legislative changes.
-Attorney crafted indexes and annotations.
-Legislative Guidelines.
-Hand selected code changes for relevance to law enforcement market.
-Blue360° Media is comprised of a dedicated team of experienced legal publishers, legal editors, attorneys, and former law enforcement officers.

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Blue360o Media in the Press

Blue360o Media and the New York State Association of Chiefs of Police to Co-Publish New York Law Enforcement Handbook

January 12, 2018

Blue360° Media, the leading information supplier to the law enforcement community, is joining forces with New York State Association of Chiefs of Police to co-publish a line of legal publications customized by New York officers for New York officers. This development provides police officers, police chiefs, sheriffs, training academy instructors, and other members of New York State law enforcement with access not only to state criminal and traffic laws, but also key New York resources that make their jobs easier to accomplish.

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Blue360o Media Announces New Legislative Updates to Be Included in Publications

December 14, 2017

With over 150 new law enforcement publications, Blue360° Media makes it their business to track legal trends affecting the law enforcement community. The number of legal and statutory changes each year presents a challenge to law enforcement officers, who rely on the most accurate and current information in order to enforce the law. As the leading provider of law enforcement publications, Blue360° Media updates their Criminal and Traffic Manuals Legislative Updates, Field Guides, Officer Series and& Constitutional Criminal Procedure Manuals in accordance with individual state criminal and traffic laws, as well as state and federal court decisions.

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Blue360o Media Acquires Law Enforcement Publications from LexisNexis Group

July 13, 2017

Blue360° Media has acquired over 150 law enforcement publications from LexisNexis® Group covering 40 U.S. states. Blue360° Media publishes Law Enforcement Manuals, Code Books, Field Guides, and an Officer Series focused on professional development. With over 170,000 publications ordered each year, Blue360° Media helps new recruits learn the criminal and traffic laws for their jurisdiction, assists seasoned professionals in quickly finding legal changes, and helps department managers institute best practices with guidance on issues such as report writing and passing promotional exams.

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