Arizona Criminal & Traffic Law Manual: 2023-2024 Edition

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CURRENT EDITION 2023-2024 Edition
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LAST RELEASE DATE September 23, 2022
Arizona Criminal & Traffic Law Manual: 2023-2024 Edition

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Features a comprehensive presentation of the Arizona Criminal Code, Transportation Code governing traffic offenses and motor vehicle regulation, Public Health and Safety, the Rules of Criminal Procedure and Evidence, as well as hundreds of related statutes that law enforcement and criminal justice professionals use most often. This title also includes the national edition of Search and Seizure Survival Guide. This title is current through July 31, 2023.

The Arizona Criminal and Traffic Law Manual, designed for this State’s law enforcement and criminal justice professionals, features a full presentation of the Arizona Criminal Code (Title 13), Rules of Criminal Procedure and Juvenile Procedure, the Transportation Code governing traffic offenses and motor vehicle regulation (Title 28), Public Health and Safety (Title 36), Child Safety and Juvenile Offenders (Title 8), Fish and Game (Title 17), the Rules of Evidence, and select provisions of related statutes that law enforcement and criminal justice professionals use most often. The newest Blue360° Media Edition also includes a listing of applicable sections affected
by legislation during the latest session, along with an extensive index and table of contents for quick access to each area of the law. The publication also includes an Active Shooter Response Checklist for Patrol Officers, which outlines response tactics by police to an active shooter incident, as well as Key U.S. Supreme Court Cases for Law Enforcement, which includes one-sentence summaries of the main U.S. Supreme Court cases interpreting the 1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 8th and 14th Amendments of the U.S. Constitution.

Sections Affected by Recent Legislation

Highlights of Recent Legislation



Chapter 1. General Provisions

Chapter 2. Regulations and Prohibitions

Chapter 3. Civil Liability of Licensees and Other Persons



Chapter 1. General Provisions

Chapter 2. General Principles of Criminal Liability

Chapter 3. Parties to Offenses: Accountability

Chapter 4. Justification

Chapter 5. Responsibility

Chapter 6. Classifications of Offenses and Authorized Dispositions of Offenders

Chapter 7. Sentencing and Imprisonment

Chapter 7.1. Capital Sentencing

Chapter 8. Restitution and Fines

Chapter 9. Probation and Restoration of Civil Rights

Chapter 10. Preparatory Offenses

Chapter 11. Homicide

Chapter 12. Assault and Related Offenses

Chapter 13. Kidnapping and Related Offenses

Chapter 14. Sexual Offenses

Chapter 15. Criminal Trespass and Burglary

Chapter 16. Criminal Damage to Property

Chapter 17. Arson

Chapter 18. Theft

Chapter 19. Robbery

Chapter 20. Forgery and Related Offenses

Chapter 21. Credit Card Fraud

Chapter 22. Business and Commercial Frauds

Chapter 23. Organized Crime, Fraud and Terrorism

Chapter 24. Obstruction of Public Administration

Chapter 25. Escape and Related Offenses

Chapter 26. Bribery

Chapter 27. Perjury and Related Offenses

Chapter 28. Interference with Judicial and Other Proceedings

Chapter 29. Offenses Against Public Order

Chapter 30. Eavesdropping and Communications

Chapter 31. Weapons and Explosives

Chapter 32. Prostitution

Chapter 33. Gambling

Chapter 34. Drug Offenses

Chapter 34.1. Imitation Substance or Drug Offenses

Chapter 35. Obscenity

Chapter 35.1. Sexual Exploitation of Children

Chapter 36. Family Offenses

Chapter 37. Miscellaneous Offenses

Chapter 38. Miscellaneous

Chapter 39. Forfeiture

Chapter 40. Crime Victims’ Rights

Chapter 41. Incompetence to Stand Trial

Chapter 43. Motor Vehicle Chop Shops

Chapter 44. Wireless Telephone Counterfeiting

Chapter 45. Commercial Nuclear Generating Station Security

Chapter 46. Military Reservations and Facilities Security



Chapter 1. Definitions, Penalties and General Provisions

Chapter 2. Administration

Chapter 3. Traffic and Vehicle Regulation

Chapter 4. Driving Under the Influence

Chapter 5. Penalties and Procedures for Vehicle Violations

Chapter 6. Agreements

Chapter 7. Certificate of Title and Registration

Chapter 8. Motor Vehicle Driver Licenses

Chapter 9. Vehicle Insurance and Financial Responsibility

Chapter 10. Vehicle Dealers, Automotive Recyclers and Transporters, 28-4301 to 28-4665

Chapter 11. Abandoned, Seized and Junk Vehicles, 28-4801 to 28-4884

Chapter 12. Title Service Companies, 28-5001 to 28-5014

Chapter 13. Authorized Third Parties, 28-5100 to 28-5111

Chapter 14. Motor Carrier Safety, 28-5201 to 28-5245

Chapter 15. Fees

Chapter 16. Taxes

Chapter 17. Transportation Excise Tax Distribution

Chapter 18. Distribution of Highway User Revenues

Chapter 19. County Highways

Chapter 20. State Highways and Routes, 28-6901 to 28-7382

Chapter 21. State Highway Financing and Bonding, 28-7501 to 28-7697

Chapter 22. Public-Private Partnerships in Transportation, 28-7701 to 28-7764

Chapter 23. Highway Beautification

Chapter 24. Local Transportation Assistance

Chapter 25. Aviation

Chapter 26. Intergovernmental Public Transportation Authorities

Chapter 27. Light Rail Transit System Safety

Chapter 28. State Infrastructure Funding

Chapter 29. Railroad Project Review

Chapter 30. For-Hire Transportation


Title 3. Agriculture

              [Selected Provisions]


Title 5. Amusements and Sports

              [Selected Provisions]


Title 8. Child Safety

              [Selected Provisions]


Title 9. Cities and Towns

              [Selected Provisions]


Title 10. Corporations and Associations

              [Selected Provisions]


Title 11. Counties

              [Selected Provisions]


Title 12. Courts and Civil Proceedings

              [Selected Provisions]


Title 14. Trusts, Estates and Protective Proceedings

              [Selected Provisions]


Title 15. Education

              [Selected Provisions]


Title 16. Elections and Electors

              [Selected Provisions]


Title 17. Game and Fish

              [Selected Provisions]


Title 18. Information Technology

              [Selected Provisions]


Title 20. Insurance

              [Selected Provisions]


Title 21. Juries

              [Selected Provisions]


Title 22. Justice and Municipal Courts

              [Selected Provisions]


Title 23. Labor

              [Selected Provisions]


Title 25. Marital and Domestic Relations

              [Selected Provisions]


Title 26. Military Affairs and Emergency Management

              [Selected Provisions]


Title 31. Prisons and Prisoners

              [Selected Provisions]


Title 32. Professions and Occupations

              [Selected Provisions]


Title 33. Property

              [Selected Provisions]


Title 36. Public Health and Safety

              [Selected Provisions]


Title 37. Public Lands

              [Selected Provisions]


Title 38. Public Officers and Employees

              [Selected Provisions]


Title 39. Public Records, Printing and Notices

              [Selected Provisions]


Title 40. Public Utilities and Carriers

              [Selected Provisions]


Title 41. State Government

              [Selected Provisions]


Title 42. Taxation

[Selected provisions]


Title 43. Taxation of Income

[Selected provisions]


Title 44. Trade and Commerce

              [Selected Provisions]


Title 46. Welfare

              [Selected Provisions]


Title 48. Special Taxing Districts

              [Selected Provisions]


Title 49. The Environment

              [Selected Provisions]


Constitution of the State of Arizona

              [Selected Provisions]


Rules of Criminal Procedure

Arizona Rules of Evidence

Rules of Procedure for the Juvenile Court


Spanish Phrases



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