Basic Crime Scene Investigation Pocket Guide

AUTHOR Lou Savelli
Basic Crime Scene Investigation Pocket Guide

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Priceless investigatory training from one of the NYPD's most successful cops ... in a pocket sized package!

Convenient, Comprehensive - Critical to through investigations!

An outstanding resource to have with you at every crime scene! Covers the time-tested investigation strategies that ensure iron-clad cases and successful prosecutions.

Includes step-by-step instructions on appropriate:

  • Approach tactics
  • Expert scene search strategies
  • Effective methods for protecting a scene from compromise by on-lookers, the media...even officers
  • Crucial Initial documentation techniques
  • Evidence collection and preservation
  • Controlling the media
  • Interviewing witnesses - to get the most information from them
  • Establishing and securing a scene
  • Closing a scene.

Includes helpful definitions to a variety of scientific, legal and criminal terminology plus photographs, diagrams and illustrations to facilitate understanding.

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