Wisconsin Criminal & Traffic Law Manual Annotated 2021-2022 Edition

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Wisconsin Criminal & Traffic Law Manual Annotated 2021-2022 Edition

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This publication is the essential source of Vehicle, Juvenile, and Criminal Procedure legislation with Police Regulation Statutes and Section 110 selected from regulations of Industry.

This publication contains select Wisconsin Statutes and Annotations updated through all Orders of the Controlled Substances Board affecting Chapter 961 and Supreme Court Orders filed before and in effect on January 1, 2021.


A new statute sets out the special rules applicable to electric bicycles, affording them the same rights as a bicycle operator and not requiring a license or registration. (AB132 enacted 346.806 and amended several other statutes)

A new statute gives municipal and county governments authority to regulate electric scooter rentals. (SB152 enacted 349.237 and amended several other statutes)

A new statute related to requirements for devices that dispense gasoline-ethanol fuel blends. (SB349 enacted 168.105)

A new statute makes theft of mail punishable as a misdemeanor or felony, depending on the number of items taken and whether the recipient was an adult or elder at risk. (AB734 enacted 943.204 and amended 971.36)

New statute sets out prohibited conduct and penalties for money laundering. (SB368 enacted 943.895 and amended 946.79)

A new statute makes “swatting” a Class I felony if the false information elicits or could elicit a response from a specialized tactical team. If bodily harm results, it is a Class E or H penalty. (AB454 enacted 947.014)

(Table of contents from 2021 edition. For informational purposes only.)


110 Motor vehicles.


164 Law Enforcement Officers’ Bill of Rights.

165 Department of Justice.

167 Safeguards of Persons and Property.

168 Petroleum Products and Dangerous Substances.

Subchapter I. Petroleum Product Inspections

Subchapter II. Storage of Dangerous Substances

169 Captive Wildlife.

170 Strays and Lost Chattels.

171 Unclaimed Property.

Subchapter I. Property in Possession of a Consignee or Bailee

Subchapter II. Property in Possession of a Museum or Archives

172 Animals Distrained or Doing Damage.

Subchapter I. Animals Distrained

Subchapter II. Animals Doing Damage

173 Animals; Humane Officers.

174 Dogs.

175 Miscellaneous Police Provisions.


340 Vehicles — General Provisions.

341 Registration of Vehicles.

Subchapter I. Registration

Subchapter II. Provisions Relating to Registration Fees

Subchapter III. Registration, Taxation and Exemption of Nonresidents

Subchapter IV. Registration of Dealers, Distributors, Manufacturers, Transporters, and Finance Companies

Subchapter V. Penalty for Fraudulent Practices

342 Vehicle Title and Anti-Theft Law.

Subchapter I. Certificate of Title

Subchapter II. Transfer of Title

Subchapter III. Anti-Theft and Anti-Fraud Provisions

343 Operators’ Licenses.

Subchapter I. General Provisions

Subchapter II. Issuance, Expiration and Renewal of Licenses

Subchapter III. Cancellation, Revocation and Suspension of Licenses

Subchapter IV. Unlawful Practices Relative to Licenses

Subchapter V. Identification Cards

Subchapter VI. Licensing of Driver Schools and Instructors

344 Vehicles — Financial Responsibility.

Subchapter I. General Provisions

Subchapter II. Security for Past Accidents

Subchapter III. Proof of Financial Responsibility for the Future

Subchapter IV. Penalties for VIolations of Chapter

Subchapter V. Financial Responsibility for Rented and Human Services Vehicles

Subchapter VI. Mandatory Liability Insurance

345 Vehicles — Civil and Criminal Liability.

Subchapter I. General Provisions

Subchapter II. Civil Liability

Subchapter III. Arrests, Bail, Penalties

346 Rules of The Road.

Subchapter I. General Provisions

Subchapter II. Driving, Meeting, Overtaking and Passing

Subchapter III. Right-Of-Way

Subchapter IV. Respective Rights and Duties of Drivers and Other Highway Users

Subchapter V. Turning and Stopping and Required Signals

Subchapter VI. Traffic Signs, Signals, and Pavement Markings

Subchapter VII. Required Stops

Subchapter VIII. Restrictions on Stopping and Parking

Subchapter IX. Speed Restrictions

Subchapter X. Reckless and Drunken Driving

Subchapter XI. Accidents and Accident Reports

Subchapter XII. Bicycles, Electric Personal Assistive Mobility Devices, Personal Delivery Devices, and Play Vehicles

Subchapter XIII. Miscellaneous Rules

347 Equipment of Vehicles.

Subchapter I. General Provisions

Subchapter II. Lighting Equipment

Subchapter III. Other Equipment

348 Vehicles — Size, Weight and Load.

Subchapter I. General Provisions

Subchapter II. Size and Load

Subchapter III. Weight

Subchapter IV. Permits

349 Vehicles — Powers of State and Local Authorities.

Subchapter I. General Provisions

Subchapter II. Express Regulatory Powers

Subchapter III. Licensing Powers

350 Snowmobiles.

351 Habitual Traffic Offenders.


938 Juvenile Justice Code.

Subchapter I. General Provisions

Subchapter II. Organization of Court

Subchapter III. Jurisdiction

Subchapter IV. Holding a Juvenile in Custody

Subchapter V. Procedure

Subchapter VI. Disposition

Subchapter VII. Permanency Planning; Records

Subchapter IX. Jurisdiction Over Persons 17 or Older

Subchapter X. Rehearing and Appeal

Subchapter XI. Authority

Subchapter XII. County Juvenile Welfare Services

Subchapter XVII. General Provisions on Records

Subchapter XVIII. Community Services

Subchapter XX. Miscellaneous Provisions


939 Crimes — General Provisions.

Subchapter I. Preliminary Provisions

Subchapter II. Inchoate Crimes

Subchapter III. Defenses to Criminal Liability

Subchapter IV. Penalties

Subchapter V. Rights of the Prosecution

Subchapter VI. Rights of the Accused

940 Crimes Against Life and Bodily Security.

Subchapter I. Life

Subchapter II. Bodily Security

941 Crimes Against Public Health and Safety.

Subchapter I. Vehicles

Subchapter II. Fire

Subchapter III. Weapons

Subchapter IV. Other Dangerous Instrumentalities and Practices

942 Crimes Against Reputation, Privacy and Civil Liberties.

943 Crimes Against Property.

Subchapter I. Damage

Subchapter II. Trespass

Subchapter III. Misappropriation

Subchapter IV. Crimes Against Financial Institutions

944 Crimes Against Sexual Morality.

Subchapter I. Legislative Intent

Subchapter II. Sexual Crimes Which Affect the Family

Subchapter III. Fornication; Adultery; Gratification

Subchapter IV. Obscenity

Subchapter V. Prostitution

945 Gambling.

946 Crimes Against Government and Its Administration.

Subchapter I. Treason and Disloyal Acts

Subchapter II. Bribery and Official Misconduct

Subchapter III. Perjury and False Swearing

Subchapter IV. Interference With Law Enforcement

Subchapter V. Other Crimes Affecting the Administration of Government

Subchapter VI. Racketeering Activity and Continuing Criminal Enterprise

947 Crimes Against Public Peace, Order and Other Interests.

948 Crimes Against Children.

949 Awards For The Victims of Crimes.

Subchapter I. Crime Victim Compensation

Subchapter II. Sexual Assault Forensic Examination Compensation

950 Rights of Victims and Witnesses of Crime.

951 Crimes Against Animals.


961 Uniform Controlled Substances Act.

Subchapter I. Definitions

Subchapter II. Standards and Schedules

Subchapter III. Regulation of Manufacture, Distribution, Dispensing and Possession of Controlled Substances

Subchapter IV. Offenses and Penalties

Subchapter V. Enforcement and Administrative Provisions

Subchapter VI. Drug Paraphernalia

Subchapter VII. Miscellaneous


967 Criminal Procedure — General Provisions.

968 Commencement of Criminal Proceedings.

969 Bail and Other Conditions of Release.

970 Criminal Procedure — Preliminary Proceedings.

971 Criminal Procedure — Proceedings Before and At Trial.

972 Criminal Trials.

973 Sentencing.

974 Criminal Procedure — Appeals, New Trials and Writs of Error.

975 Sex Crimes Law.

976 Uniform Acts In Criminal Proceedings.

977 State Public Defender.

978 District Attorneys.

979 Investigation of Deaths.

980 Sexually Violent Person Commitments.

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