Law Enforcement Management - What Works and What Doesn't - First Edition

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AUTHOR Michael Carpenter, Roger Fulton
Law  Enforcement Management  - What Works and What Doesn't - First Edition

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Benefit from the combined wisdom of a team of successful managers who have discovered - through years of actual experience - the leadership techniques that succeed and those that don't. Tap into more than 60 years of their combined experience in law enforcement with these experts, Michael Carpenter and Roger Fulton.

Topics include:

  • Gaining confidence
  • Earning respect
  • Fostering Loyalty
  • Administrating "survival"
  • Leading the way

Avoid pitfalls on your path to success!! Do you know what it takes to be a GREAT Law Enforcement Manager?


  • The crucial steps you must take before your secure a management position.
  • How to earn trust, loyalty, and respect from your officers...right from the start and keep it!
  • Tips for getting valuable feedback from your personnel without compromising your position of confident leadership.
  • Guidance on effectively dealing with "problem" subordinates.
  • How to protect yourself and your agency from corruption, insubordination and other devastating issues.
  • 8 things you can do to make your management style shine.
  • Common mistakes that can crush your career and strategies to avoid them.

Includes analysis, exploration, and advice on more than 50 actual management topics and situations that illustrate leadership principles you can broadly apply to your own work.

Learn the formula for success:

Motivated Professional --> Effective Manager --> Top Leader!

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