Police Sergeant Exams

AUTHOR Larry F. Jetmore
Police Sergeant Exams

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Ready To Earn Your Sergeant Stripes?

This is the guide that will help you prepare, perform and promote!

In this extremely thorough prep guide, leading test-taking expert Larry Jetmore, Ph.D. - who has personally helped create promotional exams - reveals every element of the Sergeants Exam and shares priceless insights into things you can do to prepare yourself for top performance.

Inside you will get:
★ 9 key questions you can ask others who have taken - and succeeded at - the Sergeants Exam that will help you gather intelligence that will enhance your testing experience and improve your results.
★ Real-world insights into what the job of a Sergeant actually entails, from the skills and personality strengths good Sergeants possess to the various new responsibilities you must be prepared to accept.
★ A full and detailed explanation of the testing process and the specific elements of the test itself.
★ Examples of official test announcements and steps you should take immediately after an announcement is released.
★ An explanation of scoring methodology and passing percentages.
★ Expert advice on test-taking strategies that will help you skillfully navigate both the written AND oral elements.
★ Cautionary advice on common mistakes officers make during the exam that lower scores... and learn how to avoid them.

Includes practice tests and answers that include thorough explanations PLUS a comprehensive glossary of important terms and concepts.

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