Police Management Exams

AUTHOR Larry F. Jetmore
Police Management Exams

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Dramatically increase your scores and place yourself at the top of the promotion list!

Loaded with the priceless insider tips and expert guidance you need to excel on management exams. Dr. Larry Jetmore, one of the nation's leading promotional exam experts, teaches you key management concepts, theories and styles you must know - specific test prep steps that dramatically increase scores - how to nail the orals while making impressions that prove you're management material - study strategies for guaranteed retention - plus insight into the challenging Assessment Center segments.

Includes sample questions, concrete examples and golden advice for avoiding common, devastating mistakes.

If promotion to a police management rank - lieutenant, captain, assistant chief or another - is your goal, this is the book that can help you achieve it. Written by a police professional, this guide carefully prepares you for the exams you'll face by giving you solid information, background, explanations, tips, techniques, practice test and complete answers and analysis you need for success.

Dramatically increase your scores and place yourself at the top of the promotion list with a through knowledge of:

  • Management
    Understand organizations; management functions; philosophies; theories; concepts and terms; leadership theories and styles; motovation; communication; discipline; delegation; control; evaluation; and the necessary knowledge, skills, abilities and traits of police managers.
  • Study Techniques
    Know what to study and how; increase your reading comprehension; practice writting essays; improve your speaking ability; critique your appearance; motivate yourself
  • Written Examinations
    Learn effective test-taking techniques; take two full-length practice exams; score and analyze your practice tests; understand how to appeal a poor exam
  • Oral Board Examinations
    Understand how they're constructed, conducted and graded; review two rating forms; learn to make a great impression; polish your verbal skills and appearance; take a practice test before your own mock board
  • Assessment Centers
    Review commonly used exercises: in-basket, supervisor/subordinate, leaderless discussion group and community meeting; learn how to receive high scores; practice witha complete in-basket exercise; analyze your performance
  • Ratings of Training and Experience
    Learning how to accentuate your career; realize your application form IS a test; understand how applications are graded.

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