New Jersey Criminal Law & Motor Vehicle Handbook: 2024 Ed.

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New Jersey Criminal Law & Motor Vehicle Handbook: 2024 Ed.

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Features the full text of New Jersey’s Criminal Justice Code (Title 2C), Motor Vehicle and Traffic Code (Title 39), the NJ Court Rules and Rules of Evidence, and selected provisions of the statutes law enforcement professionals use most often. Also includes New Jersey Search and Seizure Law, with coverage of Arrests, Confessions, and Privacy Expectation. Offered in a convenient softbound publication and includes fully searchable digital access via eBook and mobile application.


** Replaces the Looseleaf Law Publications: New Jersey Motor Vehicle and Traffic Laws and New Jersey Criminal Code, as well as the former Blue360 Media offering of Motor Vehicle and Traffic Laws of New Jersey. This content is now included in the single volume: New Jersey Criminal Law & Motor Vehicle Handbook. **

In this definitive collection of law enforcement-related statutes, the New Jersey Criminal Law and Motor Vehicle Handbook provides complete coverage of crimes and offenses, motor vehicle and traffic laws and regulations (including power vessels), the NJ Court Rules and Rules of Evidence, juvenile provisions, controlled dangerous substances, alcoholic beverages, fish, game and wildlife, and explosives/fireworks. Includes Title 2C (Code of Criminal Justice); Title 39 (Motor Vehicle Law and Traffic Regulation); Title 33 (Intoxicating Liquors and the ABC Code regulations), and selected provisions of the statutes law enforcement professionals use most often in Titles 2A, 2B, 4, 9, 10, 12, 18A, 21, 23, 24, 27, 40, 52 and 53. This book also includes New Jersey Search and Seizure Law, with coverage of Arrests, Confessions, and Privacy Expectations, which provides a clear and comprehensive approach to the study of modern constitutional criminal procedure. It analyzes the classical and current United States Supreme Court and federal circuit court decisions, along with relevant state court decisions that impact the day-to-day duties of law enforcement and criminal justice professionals. Search and Seizure Law removes the guesswork in, and tedious search for, “today’s law.” Where relevant, specific areas of state court departure have been identified. This is where various state courts employ “New Federalism” to rely on their own constitutions to provide state citizens with added protection to their rights and liberties. Search and Seizure Law is an officer’s, attorney’s or law/criminal justice student’s or professor’s valuable reference for the Laws of Arrest, Confessions, and Privacy Expectations

(Table of contents from 2023 Edition. For informational use only)


Active Shooter Response Checklist

Landmark US Supreme Court Cases for Law Enforcement

Summary of Sections Affected by Recent Legislation

Table of Sections Affected by Recent Legislation

New Jersey Search and Seizure Law, with coverage of Arrests, Confessions, and Privacy Expectation


New Jersey Statutes

   Title 2A. Administration of Civil and Criminal Justice

      Subtitle 1. Courts

         Chapter 4A. Juvenile Justice

         Chapter 8. Clerks of Municipal Court

      Subtitle 6. Specific Civil Actions

         Chapter 32. Actions for Fraud Relating to Contract

         Chapter 62A. Immunities

      Subtitle 6A. Specific Civil or Criminal Actions

         Chapter 65A. Abortion and Sterilization

      Subtitle 9. Evidence

         Chapter 82. Writings and Records

         Chapter 84A. The Evidence Act, 1960

      Subtitle 10. Crimes

         Chapter 93. Restitution for Certain Crimes

         Chapter 102. Funeral Trusts

         Chapter 123. Flammable Fabrics Act; Sleeping Bags and Tents

         Chapter 149. Electrical Voting System

         Chapter 151. Weapons; Firearms; Explosives

      Subtitle 11. Criminal Procedure

         Chapter 152. General Provisions

         Chapter 153. Apprehension; Rewards

         Chapter 154. Peace Officers; Police Powers

         Chapter 155. Uniform Law on Fresh Pursuit

         Chapter 156. Uniform Act on Intrastate Fresh Pursuit

         Chapter 156A. New Jersey Wiretapping and Electronic Surveillance Control Act

         Chapter 157. County Detectives and County Investigators Act

         Chapter 158. County Prosecutors

         Chapter 158A. Public Defender

         Chapter 159A. Agreement on Detainers

         Chapter 160. Extradition

         Chapter 161. Citizen Arrest

         Chapter 161A. Strip Searches; Body Cavity Searches

         Chapter 162. Recognizances; Bail

         Chapter 163. Compensation of Counsel; Child Victim

         Chapter 164. Sentencing

         Chapter 166. Fees, Costs, and Fines

         Chapter 166A. State Reimbursement of County

         Chapter 167. Commutation by Governor; Restoration of Rights

         Chapter 168. Probation; Parole

         Chapter 168A. Rehabilitation of Convicted Offenders

      Subtitle 12. Disorderly Persons

         Chapter 169. Warrantless Arrest

         Chapter 170. Offenses

   Title 2B. Court Organization and Civil Code

         Chapter 12. Municipal Courts

         Chapter 20. Jurors

         Chapter 21. County Grand Juries

         Chapter 22. State Grand Juries

         Chapter 23. Trial Juries

   Title 2C. The New Jersey Code of Criminal Justice

      Subtitle 1. General Provisions

         Chapter 1. General Provisions

         Chapter 2. Liability

         Chapter 3. Defenses

         Chapter 4. Competency

         Chapter 5. Inchoate Offenses

         Chapter 6. Minor Offenses

         Chapter 7. Procedures Following Release of Sex Offenders

      Subtitle 2. Specific Offenses

         Part 1. Offenses Against the Person

            Chapter 11. Homicide

            Chapter 11A. Human Cloning

            Chapter 12. Assault; Threats; Stalking

            Chapter 13. Kidnapping; Coercion

            Chapter 14. Sexual Offenses

            Chapter 15. Robbery; Carjacking

            Chapter 16. Bias Crimes

         Part 2. Offenses Against Property

            Chapter 17. Arson, Criminal Mischief, and Other Property Destruction

            Chapter 18. Burglary

            Chapter 20. Theft

            Chapter 21. Forgery and Fraudulent Offenses

            Chapter 22. Desecration of Human Remains

            Chapter 23. [Reserved

         Part 3. Offenses Against Other Persons

            Chapter 24. Offenses Against Spouse, Children, Elderly and Incompetents

            Chapter 25. Domestic Violence

            Chapter 26. [Reserved]

         Part 4. Offenses Involving Public Administration Officials

            Chapter 27. Bribery and Corruption

            Chapter 28. Perjury and Falsification to Authorities

            Chapter 29. Obstruction of Justice; Escapes

            Chapter 30. Official Misconduct

            Chapter 31. [Reserved]

            Chapter 32. [Reserved]

         Part 5. Offenses Against the Public; Public Order, Health and Decency

            Chapter 33. Riot; Disorderly Conduct

            Chapter 34. Obscenity and Indecency

            Chapter 35. Controlled Substances

            Chapter 35A. Drug Profiteering

            Chapter 35B. Drug Dealer Liability

            Chapter 36. Drug Paraphernalia

            Chapter 36A. First Offenders

            Chapter 37. Gambling Offenses

            Chapter 38. September 11th, 2001 Anti-Terrorism Act

            Chapter 39. Weapons

            Chapter 40. Offenses Endangering Public Safety

            Chapter 40A. Employer Offenses; Solicitation of Professional Employment in Accident and Disaster Cases

         Part 6. Organized Crime and Related Offenses

            Chapter 41. Racketeering

      Subtitle 3. Sentencing

         Chapter 43. General Provisions

         Chapter 44. Authority of Court

         Chapter 45. Suspension; Probation

         Chapter 46. Fines and Restitutions

         Chapter 47. Adult Treatment Center

         Chapter 48. Criminal Disposition Commission [Repealed]

         Chapter 48A. Criminal Sentencing and Disposition Commission

         Chapter 49. Capital Punishment [Repealed]

         Chapter 51. Limitations of Rights

         Chapter 52. Expungement

         Chapter 58. Possession of Firearms; Licensing

         Chapter 62. Willful Nonsupport

         Chapter 64. Forfeiture and Seizure of Property

         Chapter 65. Disposition of Stolen Property

         Chapter 66. Freezing Funds and Assets Related to Terrorism

         Chapter 98. Construction; Repealer; Allocations; Effective Date

         Chapter 104. Material Witness

   Title 4. Agriculture and Domestic Animals

      Chapter 22. Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

   Title 9. Children—Juvenile and Domestic Relations Courts

      Subtitle 3. Protective Welfare Laws

         Chapter 6. Abuse, Abandonment, Cruelty and Neglect of a Child

      Subtitle 8. Juveniles

         Chapter 23B. Interstate Compact for Juveniles

   Title 10. Civil Rights

      Chapter 6. New Jersey Civil Rights Act

      Chapter 7. Freedom of Reproductive Choice

   Title 12. Commerce and Navigation

      Chapter 7. Power Vessels; Registration and Regulation

   Title 13. Conservation and Development—Parks and Reservations

      Chapter 1E. Solid Waste Management

      Chapter 9. Forest Fire Service

      Chapter 9B. Freshwater Wetlands

   Title 18A. Education

      Subtitle 3. General Provisions Relating to Education

         Chapter 6. Educational System and Institutions

      Subtitle 5. School Districts

         Part 6. Officers and Employees of Boards of Education

            Chapter 17. Specific Officers and Employees

      Subtitle 6. Conduct of Schools

         Part 2. Facilities and Conduct of Schools

            Chapter 37. Discipline of Pupils

            Chapter 38. School Attendance

            Chapter 40A. Substance Abuse

            Chapter 41. School Safety

   Title 21. Explosives and Fireworks

      Subtitle 1. Explosives Generally

         Chapter 1A. Explosives Act

         Chapter 1B. Liquefied Petroleum Gases

         Chapter 1C. Model Rockets

      Subtitle 2. Fireworks

         Chapter 2. Manufacture, Storage and Transportation

         Chapter 3. Sale and Public Display

   Title 23. Fish and Game, Wild Birds and Animals

      Chapter 3. Licenses and Permits

      Chapter 4. Game; Wild Birds; Animals Generally

      Chapter 7A. Hindering Lawful Taking of Wildlife

   Title 24. Food and Drugs

      Subtitle 1. Food and Drugs

         Chapter 6G. Nitrous Oxide Regulation

      Subtitle 3. Dangerous Substances and Narcotic Drugs

         Chapter 21. Dangerous Substances Control

   Title 26. Health and Vital Statistics

      Chapter 2B. [Rehabilitation of Persons With Alcohol Use Disorders, etc.]

      Chapter 2C. Air Pollution Control

      Chapter 2D. Radiation Protection

      Chapter 16. Medical Aid in Dying

   Title 27. Highways

      Subtitle 2. Public Roads and Highways in General

         Chapter 5. Roadside Sign Control and Outdoor Advertising Act

         Chapter 5I. Roll-off Dumpsters

      Subtitle 3. State Highways

         Chapter 7. Acquisition, Construction and Maintenance by State

      Subtitle 5. County and Municipal Roads

         Chapter 19. County Bridges and Viaducts

      Subtitle 6. Turnpikes

         Chapter 23. New Jersey Turnpike Authority

      Subtitle 8. New Jersey Public Transportation Act; Resident Transportation Assistance Act; South Jersey Transportation Authority; Traffic Control

         Chapter 25A. South Jersey Transportation Authority Act

   Title 30. Institutions and Agencies

      Subtitle 1. State Departments and Institutions

         Chapter 4. Management and Operation of Institutions

   Title 33. Intoxicating Liquors

      Chapter 1. Alcoholic Beverage Control Act

      Chapter 2. Stills and Distilling Apparatus; Registration

      Chapter 3. Poisoned Liquors

      Chapter 4. Commission on Alcoholism and Promotion of Temperance

   Title 38A. Military and Veterans Law

      Subtitle 1. Armed Forces

         Chapter 14. Unlawful Acts

   Title 39. Motor Vehicles and Traffic Regulation

      Subtitle 1. Motor Vehicles Generally; Traffic Laws

         Chapter 1. Definitions

         Chapter 2. Department of Motor Vehicles; Commissioner; Officers and Employees

         Chapter 2A. New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission

         Chapter 3. Motor Vehicles Generally

         Chapter 3A. Miscellaneous Regulations

         Chapter 3B. School Bus Regulation

         Chapter 3C. Snowmobile, All-Terrain Vehicle [And Dirt Bike] Regulation

         Chapter 4. Motor Vehicle Traffic Regulation

         Chapter 5. Enforcement

         Chapter 5A. Highways Owned by Public or Semipublic Corporations

         Chapter 5B. Transporting Hazardous Materials

         Chapter 5C. Racing on Highways Prohibited

         Chapter 5D. Driver License Compact

         Chapter 5F. Nonresident Violator Compact

         Chapter 5G. Penalties for Violations of Limousine Laws [; Chauffeur Endorsement]

         Chapter 5H. Transportation Network Companies

      Subtitle 2. Additional Motor Vehicle Regulations

         Chapter 6. Security; Claims; Financial Responsibility

         Chapter 6A. No Fault Insurance; Reparation Reform

         Chapter 6B. Liability Insurance Required

         Chapter 7. Service of Process on Nonresident Drivers

         Chapter 8. Motor Vehicle Inspection

         Chapter 9. Commercial Vehicles; Hours of Service Law

         Chapter 10. Motor Vehicle Certificate of Ownership Law

         Chapter 10A. Claiming Abandoned Vehicles

         Chapter 10B. Motor Vehicle Component Parts

         Chapter 11. Motor Vehicle Junk Law

         Chapter 12. Driver Education

         Chapter 13. Auto Body Repair Facilities

         Chapter 14. Motor Carrier Transportation Contracts

   Title 40. Municipalities and Counties

      Subtitle 3. Municipality Provisions

         Chapter 48. General Powers; Appropriations

   Title 40A. Municipalities and Counties

      Chapter 14. Fire and Police

   Title 48. Public Utilities

      Chapter 3. Public Utilities Generally

      Chapter 13A. Solid Waste Management

   Title 52. State Government, Departments and Officers

      Subtitle 1. General Provisions

         Chapter 4B. Crime Victim Compensation

      Subtitle 3. Executive and Administrative Departments

         Chapter 17B. Department of Law and Public Safety

   Title 53. State Police

      Chapter 1. Organization, Officers and Personnel

      Chapter 2. General Powers and Duties

      Chapter 3. Housing, Equipment, Teletype Communication and Expenses of Department

   Title 58. Waters and Water Supply

      Chapter 10. Water Pollution

      Chapter 10A. Control of Water Pollution


New Jersey Rules of Evidence

Rules Governing the Courts of the State of New Jersey

   Part I. Rules of General Application

      Chapter I. Procedure

      Chapter II. Conduct of Lawyers, Judges and Court Personnel

      Chapter III. Practice of Law and Admission to Practice

      Chapter IV. Administration

   Part II. Rules Governing Appellate Practice in the Supreme Court and the Appellate Division of the Superior Court

   Part III. Rules Governing Criminal Practice

      Chapter I. Scope; Preliminary Proceedings

      Chapter II. Arraignment; Pleas; Motions; Pretrial; Discovery

      Chapter III. Venue; Trial

      Chapter IV. Proceedings After Verdict or Finding

      Chapter V. Appeals from Courts of Limited Criminal Jurisdiction

      Chapter VI. Supplementary and Special Proceedings

   Part V. Rules Governing Practice in the Chancery Division, Family Part

      Chapter I. Actions Cognizable; Scope and Applicability of Rules; General Provisions; Process; Venue; Pleadings; Process; Appearances

      Chapter II. Specific Civil Actions

      Chapter III. Families in Crisis

      Chapter IV. Juvenile Delinquency Actions

   Part VII. Rules Governing Practice in the Municipal Courts



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