New Jersey Law Enforcement Handbook

Publisher Name: Blue360° Media

ISBN: 9781641301107

Edition: 2018

Author: Larry E. Holtz

Number of Volumes: 3

Pages Number: 3480 (estimated)

Number of Annually Update: Once per year

Estimated Next Edition Date: March 26, 2019

Last Release Date: March 25, 2018

Authored by Larry E. Holtz, this 3 volume publication is a comprehensive and convenient New Jersey criminal justice reference for law enforcement professionals, attorneys, and students alike. In this edition, multiple laws have changed, including:
-- Lawful use of deadly force found for officer who arrived late at an ongoing police action. 
-- New Jersey does not follow Illinois v. McArthur, which allows an officer to enter a home to secure it       .while awaiting a search warrant.
-- The public has a First Amendment right to photograph, film, or record police officers conducting their ..official duties in public places. 

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New Jersey Law Enforcement Handbook