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  1. What’s new in the 2020 Edition of the New Jersey Field Guide:
     Sexual assault has been expended to cover any teaching staff member, substitute teacher, school bus
    driver, or other school employee or volunteer who engages in sexual conduct with a pupil at least 18 but
    less than 22 years old who has not received a high school diploma. P.L.2019, c.108.
     To reduce 1st-degree Kidnapping to 2nd degree, it must be “the actor” in the kidnapping — not a police
    officer, not a bystander, and not the victim himself — who releases the victim “unharmed and in a safe
    place prior to apprehension.” State v. Cuff.
     Crime of Terrorism has been expanded to include persons who commit certain crimes to influence or
    incite an act of terror against an individual or a group based on their actual or perceived race, religion,
    color, national origin, affectional or sexual orientation, sex, gender identity or expression, disability,
    creed, or any other protected characteristic. P.L.2019, c.351.
     The Crime of Aiding Suicide has been amended to allow for use of the all-new “Medical Aid in Dying for
    the Terminally Ill Act.” P.L.2019, c.59.
     The crimes triggering a violation of Certain Persons Not to Have Weapons have been significantly
    expanded, and now incorporates ammunition. P.L.2019, c.165.
     Prohibited Weapons and Devices now includes firearms without a serial number. P.L.2019, c.165.
     Performance standards and qualifying criteria for “personalized handguns,” also known as “smart guns”
    and “child-proof guns,” have been added to Title 2C. P.L.2019, c.164.
     It is now a third-degree crime for anyone to possess, buy, sell, transfer, or manufacture “animal fighting
    paraphernalia” for the purpose of facilitating dog fighting or baiting. P.L.2019, c.223.
     Numerous provisions in Title 2C and Title 39 (including DWI) have been amended to adjust or eliminate
    mandatory driver’s license suspensions for certain non-moving violations or drug-related criminal
    convictions. P.L.2019, c.276.

  2. The only guide of its kind to include:
      *   The Degree Crime for each charge
      *   Specific red color coded subchapters
      *   Easy to use electronic version
      *   Current, updated 2C charges with all subchapters  

    There are over 700 pages of sample complaints as well as a complete section (over 100 pages) of full text, Title 2C statutes included for reference.

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