Civil Process for Texas: 2023-2024 Edition

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CURRENT EDITION 2023-2024 Edition
AUTHOR John Steinsiek
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Civil Process for Texas: 2023-2024 Edition

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Designed for ease-of-use and quick reference, the handbook provides users with a practical guide to the service of civil documents. In meticulous format, Mr. Steinsiek provides the process and legal framework which has influenced the interpretation and application of the law, along with practical tips for those serving civil process. See the Product Description for additional details.

Author John Steinsiek, a renowned instructor and authority in the field of civil process in Texas, has masterfully created a handbook that can be used in the field or in the classroom. Designed for ease-of-use and quick reference, the handbook provides the user with a practical guide to the service of civil documents. In meticulous format, Mr. Steinsiek provides the process and legal framework which has influenced the interpretation and application of the law, along with practical tips for those serving civil process. The handbook also includes several reference charts to allow the user to answer questions pertaining to jurisdiction, delivery, fees, and documentation requirements.

Each segment provides a definition, a summary of requirements for service, and the necessary information that must be articulated in the return. Included are some examples of service returns for individuals, corporations and an affidavit for alternate service. References are also given for each document covered in this publication. In addition, the rules and codes that govern specific documents are identified in text, as is the case law for further guidance in the service or execution of process.

This is a MUST HAVE for anyone serving process in the State of Texas!

(Table of Contents from 2020-2021 edition. For informational purposes only)

About the Author
Web Pages you may find helpful
Chapter 1 The Start – General Rules and Codes That Govern Process
Establishment of the Individual Rights of Our Citizens – Constitution
Civil Law
Fees for Service
Vehicle Registration Fees - Bad Check
Parties Responsible
Bond Forfeitures (Code of Criminal Procedure Art. 22)
Contempt of Court (Government Code Ch 21)
Establishment of the Texas Rules of Civil Procedure
Computation of Time
Court Jurisdiction
Who Can Serve Process?
Training Requirements Peace Officers
Certification for Private Server
Certification Requirements
Criminal History
Continuing Education
Sheriff/Constable Duty to Serve
Constable Duty to Serve
Liability for Refusal or Neglect
Estates (Probate) Court Documents
Assumed Names - DBA (Doing Business As)
Chapter 35. Enforcement of Judgments of other States
Where Can Papers Be Served?
What Can Stop Service?
Temporary Restraining Order-Injunction
Supersedeas Bond
Servicemember Relief Act
Preventing Execution of Civil Process
Power of Attorney
Civil Standby
Chapter 2 Citations/Subpoenas/Notices
County & District Court Clerk Duties
Attorney of Record Service
Who May Serve Process
Who May Serve Federal Court Process
Service on an Inmate of Texas Department of Criminal Justice
Citation Cannot be served on Sunday
Citations – County & District Courts
Service Rules – County & District Courts
Justice of the Peace – Citations
Service and Return of Citation; Alternative Service of Citation
Service Rules – Justice of the Peace
Sample Returns – See Chapter 10
Returns – Requirements & Rules
Attorney of Record Service
Sample Returns – See Chapter 10
Citation by Publication
Citation/Notice Probate Courts
Chapter 3 Prejudgment Writs
Attachment: Personal Property
Attachment: Real Property
Attachment: Person
Warrant for a Child
Habeas Corpus
Garnishment – pre-judgment
Injunction & Temporary Restraining Orders
Chapter 4 Post Judgment Writs
Abstract of Judgment
Sheriff – Constable Deed (Not a Warranty Deed)
Finance Code
Exempt Property
Liability Issues
Venditioni Exponas
Turnover Order
Order of Sale
Sale of Forfeited Property
Sale of Personal Property
Sale of a Vehicle
Sale of Real Property
Sale of Mineral Rights
Chapter 5 Other Writs
Habeas Corpus
Venire Facias
Peace Bonds
Protective Orders – See Chart in Chapter 10
Ex Parte Protective Order
Scire Facias
Writ of Possession (this is not an eviction)
Writ of Retrieval
Writ of Assistance for repossession of aircraft
Chapter 6 Landlord Tenant Relations
Writ of Reentry
Writ of Restoration
Health and Safety Filing
Landlord Lien
Distress Warrant
Distress Warrant
Contract for Deed
Chapter 7 Manufactured Housing
Attachments, Sequestrations, Writs of Possession, Executions, Order of Sale for Manufactured Homes
Chapter 8 Tax Suits
Tax Citation
Tax Suits Citation – Publication or Posting
Tax Warrants
Delinquent Tax Suits – Real Property
Tax Sales – Order of Sale
Bidder Registration
Sale Procedure for Tax Lien Foreclosed
Redemption by Owner
Tax Foreclosure by Non Taxing Unit (Private Company)
Writ of Possession – Tax Foreclosure
Chapter 9 Estrays
Chapter 142 ESTRAYS
Chapter 10 Charts/Example Returns
Citation Publication
Eviction Procedure
Judicial Branch Certification Commission
Levy & Sale of Property
Protective Orders
Who to Serve
Example Returns
Citation Return
Alternate Service Affidavit
Sequestration Return
Sequestration Return (Supplement)
Garnishment Return
Inmate – Officer Return
Corporation Return
Execution Return
Eviction Return
Eviction Return (Alternate Service)
Eviction Warning
Writ of Possession (Eviction)
Execution Letter (Any Non Exempt Assets)
Warning Non Eviction Writ
Writ of Possession
Writ of Sequestration
Chapter 11 Justice of the Peace Rules
Justice of the Peace Rule Conversion Chart
Conducting Court and Inquests
Texas Rules of Civil Procedure
Rule 500. General Rules
Rule 501. Citation and Service
Rule 502. Institution of Suit
Rule 503. Default Judgment; Pre-Trial Matters; Trial
Rule 504. Jury
Rule 505. Judgment; New Trial
Rule 506. Appeal
Rule 507. Administrative Rules for Judges and Court Personnel
Rule 508. Debt Claim Cases
Rule 509. Repair and Remedy Cases
Rule 510. Eviction Cases
Chapter 12 Often Asked Questions
Often Asked Questions
Glossary of Terms

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