Colorado Peace Officer's Handbook with Search & Seizure Survival Guide 2022-2023 Edition

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LAST RELEASE DATE November 29, 2021
Colorado Peace Officer's Handbook with Search & Seizure Survival Guide 2022-2023 Edition

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A concise and easy-to-use legal reference for Colorado's law enforcement professionals, including all the relevant statutes peace officers need every day, as well as a comprehensive section of Field Procedure Guidelines governing critical principles in Colorado criminal law and procedure for an officer’s constitutional practice.  Now including Search and Seizure guidelines.

The newest Blue360° Media Edition of the Colorado Peace Officer's Handbook and companion eBook has been completely updated to include legislative changes during the previous year that are relevant to the Colorado law enforcement community. The Handbook includes Field Procedure Guidelines, developed by Police Legal Advisor Bob Keatley, and offers a comprehensive synopsis of general criminal and civil law principles written to aid peace officers in making criminal procedure decisions in the situations and circumstances that confront them. 

The statutes included are those most pertinent to the everyday decisions that peace officers make on the job. Included statutes are:

  • Criminal Code
  • Traffic Code
  • Children's Code
  • Drugs/Controlled Substances/Alcoholic Beverages
  • Criminal Procedure Code/Criminal Rules/Constitutions.

We are pleased to announce that the 2021 edition will include the Search & Seizure guidelines as well.

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