Colorado Peace Officer's Manual: 2024-2025 Ed.

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Colorado Peace Officer's Manual: 2024-2025 Ed.

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A concise and easy-to-use legal reference for Colorado's law enforcement professionals, compiling the statutes most relevant to peace officers and the situations they most often encounter. The manual also includes Criminal Procedure Guidelines, coverage of Colorado Search and Seizure  Law, and an Officer Field Manual, providing the critical principles and procedures of Colorado criminal law necessary for an officer to execute their constitutional duties at the highest level of excellence.

The newest Blue360° Media Edition of the Colorado Peace Officer's Handbook and companion eBook has been completely updated to include legislative changes during the previous year most relevant to the Colorado law enforcement community. The Handbook includes Criminal Procedure Guidelines, an Officer Field Manual, a Summons and Complaint Charging Manual, and coverage of Colorado Search and Seizure Law, offering a comprehensive synopsis of criminal and civil law principles to aid peace officers in making criminal procedure decisions in the situations and circumstances that confront them.


The statutes, rules, and other laws included in the Handbook are those most pertinent to the everyday decisions that peace officers make on the job, including:

  • Criminal Procedure Code (Tit. 16)
  • Criminal Code (Tit. 18)
  • Children’s Code (Tit 19)
  • Wildlife, Parks, & Outdoor Recreation (Tit. 33)
  • Traffic Code (Tit. 42)
  • Alcoholic Beverages & Marijuana (Tit. 44)
  • Criminal Rules
  • Constitutions


I. Major New 2024 Laws/Penalty Schedule/Index to

II. Miscellaneous Statutes

III. Criminal Procedure Code (C.R.S. Title 16)

IV. Criminal Code (C.R.S. Title 18)

V. Children's Code (C.R.S. Title 19)

VI. Wildlife/Parks/Outdoor Recreation (C.R.S. Title 33)

VII. Traffic Code (C.R.S. Title 42)

VIII. Alcoholic Beverages / Marijuana / Natural Medicine
(C.R.S. Title 44)

IX. Criminal Procedure Guidelines and Officer Field

X. Misdemeanor Summons and Complaint Charging Manual

XI. Search & Seizure Law Coverage


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