Connecticut Law Enforcement Handbook 2024 Edition

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LAST RELEASE DATE November 10, 2022
Connecticut Law Enforcement Handbook 2024 Edition

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Comprehensive well-organized handbook which allows easy access to offenses, elements, penalties, and notes.  A robust index is provided along with a thorough treatment of arrest, search and seizure, and confession law.

The Connecticut Handbook is organized in an easy-to-read format, providing the user with offenses, elements, penalties, and case notes.  The Handbook also contains the Connecticut Police Procedure, comprehensive coverage of arrest, search and seizure, and confession law.  Available in print, eBook, and with a mobile application the Connecticut Law Enforcement Handbook is an ideal publication for law enforcement, attorneys, judges, and those involved with criminal proceedings in the state of Connecticut.

(Table of Contents from 2021 edition. For informational purposes only)

Condensed Guide of Elements

     Title 53a. Penal Code

     Title 7. Municipalities

     Title 12. Taxation

     Title 13b. Transportation

     Title 14. Motor Vehicles, Use of the Highway by Vehicles. Gasoline

     Title 15. Navigation and Aeronautics

     Title 16. Public Service Companies

     Title 16a. Planning and Energy Policy

     Title 17a. Social and Human Services and Resources

     Title 18. Correctional Institutions and Department of Correction

     Title 20. Professional and Occupational Licensing, Certification

     Title 21a. Consumer Protection

     Title 22. Agriculture, Domestic Animals

     Title 22a. Environmental Protection

     Title 26. Fisheries and Game

     Title 29. Public Safety and State Police

     Title 30. Intoxicating Liquors

     Title 42. Business, Selling, Trading, and Collection Practices

     Title 46a. Human Rights

     Title 46b. Family Law

     Title 51. Courts

     Title 52. Civil Actions

     Title 54. Criminal Procedure

Connecticut Criminal Procedure for Law Enforcement Officers

     Chapter 1. Consensual Encounters and Investigative Detention: Stop and Frisk

     Chapter 2. Arrest

     Chapter 3. Search & Seizure

     Chapter 4. Miranda – Interviews, Interrogations, Confession

     Chapter 5. Sixth Amendment Right to Counsel

     Chapter 6. Identification: Photo I.D., Show-ups, Line-ups

     Chapter 7. Juveniles

     Chapter 8. Family Violence

     Chapter 9. Victim's Rights

     Chapter 10. Foreign Nationals

     Chapter 11. Privileges and Immunities: Foreign Diplomats, International

     Chapter 12. Privileges and Immunities: U.S. and State Governments

     Chapter 13. Liability of Officers



Connecticut Motor Vehicle and Traffic Stop Guidelines

2011 Public Acts for Law Enforcement Personnel


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