District of Columbia Criminal & Traffic Law Manual: 2023 Edition

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District of Columbia Criminal & Traffic Law Manual: 2023 Edition

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Offering a valuable presentation of Search and Seizure, this publication also features a listing of applicable sections affected by legislation during the latest session, along with an extensive index and table of contents for quick access to each area of the law.


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The District of Columbia Criminal Law and Motor Vehicle Manual has been created and uniquely designed for the District’s law enforcement and criminal justice professionals, including attorneys, criminal justice students and instructors, who will find the manual to be an invaluable resource. In this definitive collection of law enforcement and criminal-justice related statutes, the DC Manual provides comprehensive coverage of District of Columbia’s Criminal Offenses and Penalties (Title 22); Criminal Procedure (Title 23); Motor Vehicle and Traffic Laws and Regulations (Titles 18 and 50); Public Space and Safety (Title 24); Alcoholic Beverages (Title 25); Controlled Substances (Title 48); DC Superior Court Rules; DC Municipal Regulations; Police and Firefighters (Title 5); Juvenile and Family proceedings (Titles 2 and 16); and hundreds of other selected provisions of related statutes law enforcement officers, attorneys, and criminal justice professionals use most often. This publication also includes a listing of applicable sections affected by legislation during the latest session, along with an extensive index and table of contents for quick access to each area of the law.

       The newest Blue360° Media Edition significantly enhances an officer’s constitutional application of the law with the addition of a valuable presentation of  Search and Seizure Law, with coverage of Arrests, Confessions, and Privacy Expectations, which provides a clear and comprehensive approach to the study of modern constitutional criminal procedure. It analyzes the classical and current United States Supreme Court and federal circuit court decisions, along with relevant state court decisions that impact the day-to-day duties of law enforcement and criminal justice professionals.  Search and Seizure Law removes the guesswork in, and tedious search for, “today’s law.” Search and Seizure Law is an officer’s, attorney’s or law/criminal justice student’s or professor’s valuable reference for the Laws of Arrest, Confessions, and Privacy Expectations.

Title 2. Government Administration.

              Chapter 15. Youth Affairs

                            Subchapter III. Juvenile Curfew.

Title 4. Public Care Systems.

Chapter 1. Public Welfare Supervision.

§ 4–125. Assisting child to leave institution without authority; concealing such child; duty of police.

Chapter 5. Victims of Crime.

Chapter 13. Child Abuse and Neglect.

Chapter 14A. Newborn Safe Haven.

Title 5. Police, Firefighters, Medical Examiner, and Forensic Sciences.

              Chapter 1. Metropolitan Police.

              Chapter 2. United States Park Police.

              Chapter 3. Federal Law Enforcement Officer Cooperation with Metropolitan Police Department.

              Chapter 3A. First Amendment Rights and Police Standards.

              Chapter 5. Salaries.

              Chapter 6A. Police and Firefighters Limited Duty.

                             Subchapter I. General.

Chapter 7. Police and Firefighters Retirement and Disability.

Chapter 8. Police Retirement While Under Disciplinary Investigation.

Chapter 9. Awards for Meritorious Service.

Chapter 10. Trial Boards.

Chapter 10A. Police and Firefighters Disciplinary Action Procedures.

              Subchapter I. General.

Chapter 11. Review of Citizen Complaints Involving Police.

              Subchapter I. Police Complaints Board; Office of Police Complaints.

Chapter 13. Miscellaneous Provisions.

              Subchapter I. General Provisions.

                             § 5–1301. Memorial fountain to members of Metropolitan Police Department.

                             § 5–1302. Service in Armed Forces — Seniority rights.

§ 5–1303. Service in Armed Forces — Rank or grade preserved; restriction on compensation.

§ 5–1304. Basic workweek established; overtime; special assignments; court duty.

                             § 5–1305. Payment of certain tuition expenses.

                             § 5–1306. Protection of emergency 2-way radio communications — Definition.

§ 5–1307. Protection of emergency 2-way radio communications — Unlawful acts.

§ 5–1308. Protection of emergency 2-way radio communications — Penalties.

§ 5–1309. Protection of emergency 2-way radio communications — Forfeiture of equipment.

              Subchapter II. Law Enforcement Officers Memorial.

Chapter 14. Chief Medical Examiner.

§ 5–1401. Definitions.

§ 5–1402. Establishment of the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner; appointments, qualifications, and compensation.

§ 5–1403. Supporting services and facilities.

§ 5–1404. Former duties of coroner; oaths; teaching; other duties.

§ 5–1405. Deaths — determinations and investigations; cremations.

§ 5–1406. Deaths — Notification; penalties for noncompliance.

§ 5–1406.01. Mass fatality management and response.

§ 5–1408. Possession of evidence and property.

§ 5–1409. Examination; further investigation and autopsy.

§ 5–1413. Records as evidence.

§ 5–1414. Autopsies performed under court order.

§ 5–1419. Impaired driving program; chemical testing.

Chapter 15. Department of Forensic Sciences.

Title 7. Human Health Care and Safety.

              Subchapter II. Prevention of Spread of Communicable Diseases.

Title 11. Organization and Jurisdiction of the Courts.

Chapter 1. General Provisions.

Chapter 3. United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit.

Chapter 5. United States District Court for the District of Columbia.

Chapter 7. District of Columbia Court of Appeals.

Chapter 9. Superior Court of the District of Columbia.

Chapter 11. Family Court of the Superior Court.

Chapter 19. Juries and Jurors.

Title 13. Procedure Generally.

Chapter 3. Process and Parties.

Subchapter I. General Provisions.

Subchapter II. Service of Process; Legal Representatives.

Title 16. Particular Actions, Proceedings and Matters.

Chapter 7. Criminal Proceedings in the Superior Court.

Chapter 19. Habeas Corpus.

Chapter 23. Family Division [Family Court] Proceedings.

Chapter 46. Uniform Child-Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement.

Subchapter III. Enforcement.

§ 16–4603.16. Role of law enforcement.

              Chapter 47. Free Flow of Information.

              Chapter 51. Jury Selection.

Title 21. Fiduciary Relations and Persons with Mental Illness.

              Chapter 5. Hospitalization of Persons with Mental Illness.

                             Subchapter III. Emergency Hospitalization.

              Chapter 9. Persons with Mental Illness Found in Certain Federal Reservations.

                             § 21–903. Apprehension by certain officials of persons believed to have a mental illness; proceedings.

Title 22. Criminal Offenses and Penalties.

              Subtitle I. Criminal Offenses.

              Subtitle II. Enhanced Penalties.

              Subtitle III. Sex Offenders.

              Subtitle III-A. DNA Testing.

              Subtitle IV. Prevention, Solution, and Punishment of Crimes.

              Subtitle VI. Regulation and Possession of Weapons.

Title 23. Criminal Procedure.

              Chapter 1. General Provisions.

              Chapter 3. Indictments and Informations.

              Chapter 5. Warrants and Arrests.

              Chapter 7. Extradition and Fugitives from Justice.

              Chapter 9. Fresh Pursuit.

Chapter 15. Out-of-State Witnesses.

              § 23–1501. Definitions.

              § 23–1504. Exemption from arrest.

Chapter 19. Crime Victims’ Rights.

Title 25. Alcoholic Beverages.

Chapter 8. Enforcement, Infractions, and Penalties.

              Subchapter I. Enforcement.

Subchapter II. Posting of Signs.

Subchapter III. Hours; Noise Restrictions; Control of Litter.

Subchapter XII. Reimbursable Details.

              Chapter 10. Limitations on Consumers.

Title 32. Labor.

              Chapter 5. Leave from Work.

Chapter 7. Health Care Benefits Expansion.

Chapter 7A. Health Coverage Continuation.

Chapter 8. Industrial Safety.

Chapter 9. Lie Detectors.

§ 32–901. Definitions.

§ 32–902. Use prohibited; exceptions.

Chapter 12A. Reasonable Accommodations for Pregnant and Nursing Workers.

Chapter 13. Wages and Workplace Fraud.

              Subchapter I. Payment and Collection of Wages.

Title 41. Personal Property.

Chapter 1. Disposition of Unclaimed Property.

§ 41–112. Property held by public officers and agencies.

              Chapter 3. Civil Asset Forfeiture.

Title 46. Domestic Relations.

              Chapter 1. Age of Majority.

Title 47. Taxation, Licensing, Permits, Assessments, and Fees.

              Chapter 23. Motor Fuel Tax.

              Chapter 41. Criminal Provisions.

Title 48. Foods and Drugs.

              Subtitle I. Food.

Chapter 1. Adulteration.

              Subtitle II. Prescription Drugs.

Chapter 7. Drug Manufacture and Distribution Licensure.

Subtitle III. Illegal Drugs.

              Chapter 9. Controlled Substances Act.

              Chapter 9A. Marijuana Consumption in Public Space.

              Chapter 9B. Controlled Substances Generally.

              Chapter 11. Drug Paraphernalia.

              Chapter 12. Marijuana Possession Decriminalization.

Title 50. Motor and Non-Motor Vehicles and Traffic.

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