Your Digital Media Guide

Blue360° Media eBooks

            An eBook from Blue360° Media means getting the answers you need quickly! You can use your eBook on any reader you choose, and on any device you choose, but for best results, we recommend you use Adobe Digital Editions. If you don’t already have the Adobe Digital Editions reader installed on your device, click here for download instructions. Important: Blue360° Media eBooks are in .ePub format. If you need to access your eBook on a kindle (.mobi), please contact your Blue360° media account representative at 1-844-599-2887.

            Once you purchase, or are assigned an eBook, your eBooks will be located on the “My Account” page. Learn more about assigning eBooks to others here. You’ll be able to access your eBook online, or, you can download your publication(s).

Simply select the option that’s right for you! If you choose to read online, the eBook will be opened in your browser. If you choose to download, the download process will begin immediately once you click the link.

How do I know if I should download or read my publication online?

  • Read online when you need fast access to your publications, or do not have a reader downloaded on your device. Click here to see more about functionality while reading online.

  • Download your eBook if you need frequent access to your publication, and would like to use a familiar, robust reading application. Most readers allow for full search capability, highlighting, bookmarking, printing, table of contents access, linking, and more. To access information on features such as highlighting, bookmarks, and notes available in Adobe Digital Editions, click here.

Installing Adobe Digital Editions

  1. Adobe Digital Editions is available for download at click here

  2. If you do not already have an Adobe ID, you will need to sign-up on the Adobe website. You can access the sign-up page here. Please note, your Adobe ID is not tied to your Blue360° Media ID. Your Adobe ID will allow you to access your eBook on any device where you have Adobe Digital Editions installed.

Online Reading

            Once you click “Read eBook Online”, the eBook will open in a new browser window. You can use the arrows to navigate from page to page, or you can click the table of contents icon located in the top right corner of the page.

            Selecting the table of contents will open a left navigation bar that will allow you to jump directly to a section of the text.

            eBooks will contain blue links, which link to relevant content within the text. In addition, for users that also have a Lexis Advance® ID, green links appear that go directly to the case or statute referenced within the document.

            To add annotations, open the table of contents link located in the upper right-hand corner, and select the note icon. This will place an anchor in the document so that you can get back to that section quickly.

Assigning an eBook to Another User

            To assign eBooks to users in your organization, you simply click the “Assign User” link located to the far right of your eBook. From here, you will enter the users e-mail address, name, and the quantity that you are assigning to that user. Please note, only the purchaser can assign the eBook. Users do not have the ability to reassign the eBook once it has been given to them.

            Once you give an eBook to another user, you have assigned your license to that individual. If you took this action in error, or something went wrong with the assignment, please call your Blue360° Media account representative.

Still have questions? Call us 1-844-599-2887