Everything You Need to Know About Police Firearms Training

AUTHOR Mike Boyle
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Everything You Need to Know About Police Firearms Training

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The primary focus of this book is the handgun, although much of what is presented can also be applied to shoulder weapons. The information presented herein will prove valuable in keeping you, or the people you are charged with training, safe. If there is some shred of information here that keeps one of the good guys or gals safe in time of need, I feel I have accomplished my goal.

Training might be best described as teaching a skill or type of behavior. In police firearms training, our focus needs to be on preparing men and women how to prevail in a deadly force encounter. Don’t lose track of what our real mission is and keep your eye on the ball. – Mike Boyle


Captain Mike Boyle served with the New Jersey Division of Fish & Wildlife, Bureau of Law Enforcement and has been a use of force and firearms instructor for over 40 years. Mike was the lead trainer in his agency and was also a police academy instructor, range master and assistant director. He has been a frequent contributor to firearms and law enforcement periodicals and is also featured in three training videos by Panteo Productions. Mike served for 21 years on the Board of Directors of the International Association of Law Enforcement Firearms Instructors where he conceptualized and implemented their Master Instructor Development Program. He continues to work as a law enforcement training specialist offering basic, in-service, and instructor-level training in various use-of-force disciplines.

Chapters Include:

Chapter 1 The Qualification Trap

Chapter 2 The Priorities

Chapter 3 Combat Shooting Essentials

Chapter 4 The Draw Stroke

Chapter 5 Aim or Point?

Chapter 6 The Ready Position

Chapter 7 Keeping Your Pistol Hot

Chapter 8 Stoppage Reduction

Chapter 9 Cover Concepts

Chapter 10 Movement

Chapter 11 Safety with Firearms On and Off the Range

Chapter 12 Mental Conditioning for Combat

Chapter 13 Extreme Close Quarters

Chapter 14 Fighting in the Dark

Chapter 15 Handguns and Flashlights

Chapter 16 Under the Radar

Chapter 17 Shoulder Weapons for Patrol

Chapter 18 Other Platforms and Positions

Chapter 19 To Dot or Not To Dot

Chapter 20 Hit Sooner, Hit Better, Hit More

Chapter 21 Knowing When

Chapter 22 Downed and Disabled Officer Techniques

Chapter 23 Documentation

Chapter 24 The Best Pistol for Police is…

Chapter 25 The Lost Art of the Revolver

Chapter 26 The Caliber Debate: Does It Really Matter?

Chapter 27 Accuracy and Precision

Chapter 28 Training for the Real World

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