Florida Criminal Law & Motor Vehicle Field Guide: 2024-2025 Ed.

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Florida Criminal Law & Motor Vehicle Field Guide: 2024-2025 Ed.

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The Field Guide is a clear and concise presentation of material elements, section numbers, penalties, and notes for Florida’s commonly cited criminal and motor vehicle laws.  The conveniently sized Field Guide also includes a glossary, Table of Traffic Offenses, and a linkable Table of Content available in the eBook.

The latest Blue360° Media Edition of the Florida Criminal and Motor Vehicle Law Field Guide is an easy-to-use, indispensable reference tool for all Florida’s law enforcement officers. This conveniently-sized Field Guide clearly and concisely lists the material elements of key statutes from Florida’s Crimes Code (Title 46), Criminal Procedure and Corrections Code (Title 47), Motor Vehicle Code (Title 23), Vessels (Title 24), Public Health (Title 29), and Alcoholic Beverages and Tobacco (Title 34), along with presenting the penalties for each offense and case law annotations set out for quick reference. A table of commonly cited traffic offenses and common Spanish phrases are also included for quick reference. This field guide is a must for any officer in the field.

  • Title 46—Crimes
    • Chapter 775—General Penalties
    • Chapter 777—Attempt; Solicitation; Conspiracy
    • Chapter 782—Homicide
    • Chapter 784—Assault & Battery
    • Chapter 787—Kidnapping
    • Chapter 790—Weapons & Firearms
    • Chapter 794—Sexual Battery
    • Chapter 796—Prostitution
    • Chapter 800—Lewdness & Indecent Exposure
    • Chapter 806—Arson & Criminal Mischief
    • Chapter 810—Burglary & Trespass
    • Chapter 812—Theft, Robbery & Related Offenses
    • Chapter 815—Computer-Related Crimes
    • Chapter 817—Fraudulent Practices
    • Chapter 825—Abuse, Neglect & Exploitation of Elderly Persons & Disabled Adults
    • Chapter 827—Abuse of Children
    • Chapter 828—Animals
    • Chapter 831—Forgery
    • Chapter 832—Checks & Drafts
    • Chapter 836—Threatening Letters
    • Chapter 837—Perjury
    • Chapter 843—Obstructing Justice
    • Chapter 847—Obscenity
    • Chapter 849—Gambling
    • Chapter 856—Drunkenness; Open House Parties; Loitering; Prowling
    • Chapter 860—Offenses Concerning Motor Vehicles & Vessels
    • Chapter 874—Street Terrorism Enforcement & Prevention
    • Chapter 877—Miscellaneous Crimes
    • Chapter 893—Drug Abuse Prevention & Control
  • Title 47—Criminal Procedure & Corrections
    • Chapter 901—Arrests
    • Chapter 914—Witnesses
    • Chapter 918—Conduct of Trial
    • Chapter 934—Security of Communications; Surveillance
    • Chapter 943—Department of Law Enforcement
    • Chapter 944—State Correctional System
  • Title 23—Motor Vehicles
    • Chapter 316—Uniform Traffic Control
    • Chapter 318—Disposition of Traffic Infractions
    • Chapter 322—Driver Licenses
  • Title 24—Vessels
    • Chapter 327—Vessel Safety
    • Chapter 328—Vessel Title Certificates
  • Title 25—Aviation
    • Chapter 330—Regulation of Aircraft, Pilots, and Airports
  • Title 29—Public Health
    • Chapter 381—General Provisions
    • Chapter 403—Environmental Control
  • Title 34—Alcoholic Beverages & Tobacco
    • Chapter 562—Beverage Law
    • Chapter 569—Tobacco Products
  • Glossary
  • Table of Traffic Offenses
  • Commonly Used Spanish Phrases
  • Court Holidays
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