Florida Law Enforcement Handbook with Traffic Laws Reference Guide|2024 Miami-Dade Edition

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LAST RELEASE DATE November 28, 2022
Florida Law Enforcement Handbook with Traffic Laws Reference Guide|2024 Miami-Dade Edition

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Now including an eBook and a mobile application, this uniquely-organized manual features a select compilation of Florida’s most frequently used criminal, motor vehicle and traffic laws, specially-designed legal guidelines as well as the State’s procedural laws, rules and requirements.

The latest Blue360° Media Edition of the Florida Law Enforcement Handbook presents a select compilation of Florida’s most frequently used criminal and traffic laws, as well as a comprehensive presentation of the State’s procedural laws, rules and requirements that law enforcement and criminal justice professionals need to reference on a daily basis. Coverage of the primary law is enhanced with practical and insightful Legal Guidelines prepared by legal experts who survey the full range of procedural issues and offer specific, on-the-street advice and guidance to assist with complying with constitutional requirements. Also included is Florida Traffic Laws Reference Guide, a pocket-sized listing of the most common traffic offenses. When you need a thorough and up-to-date legal reference that goes where you go, depend on Florida Law Enforcement Handbook from Blue360 Media, the Nation’s leader in law enforcement code publications.

Your purchase now includes a mobile application that allows you to quickly access the following:

  • Miranda warning
  • Newsletter highlighting current legal events, including important supreme court cases
  • Highlights of legal changes in Florida
  • Criminal and Traffic laws that you can search and find by key word or code section (short answers in plain English).

(Table of content from 2021 Edition.For informational purposes only)


The Handbook is divided into seven sections as listed below.

The statutes and ordinances are arranged numerically within each section; the Handbook is paginated at the bottom of the page. A comprehensive index appears in Section VII.

Introduction         I.

Legal Guidelines   II.

Civil Forfeitures    III.

State Laws           IV.

State Traffic Laws  V.

Ordinances           VI.

Index                  VII.

See detailed Table of Contents preceding each section, or the alphabetical index in Section VII., for further reference.

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