Idaho Criminal & Traffic Law Manual 2023 Edition

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Idaho Criminal & Traffic Law Manual 2023 Edition

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The Idaho Criminal and Traffic Law Manual gives you fingertip access to criminal law and procedure, motor vehicle law, juvenile law, and many related statutes.

The Idaho Criminal and Traffic Law Manual gives you fingertip access to criminal law and procedure, motor vehicle law, juvenile law, and many related statutes. In one concise volume, you'll have the statutes that law enforcement professionals and trial attorneys need most often. The new Blue360° Media Edition also includes a listing of applicable sections affected by legislation during the latest regular session. Keep this convenient manual in your briefcase, on your desk, or in your vehicle for quick reference at all times.

(Table of contents from 2021 edition. For informational purposes only)

Criminal Code Index with Elements.

   Sections Affected by Recent Legislation.


Constitution of the United States of America. 

   (Select Provisions and Amendments)


Constitution of the State of Idaho. 

   (Select Provisions and Amendments)


Title 1. Courts and Court Officials. (Select Provisions)

Title 5. Proceedings in Civil Actions in Courts of Record. (Select Provisions)

Title 16. Juvenile Proceedings. (Select Provisions)

Title 18. Crimes and Punishments. (Complete)

Title 19. Criminal Procedure. (Complete)

Title 20. State Prison and County Jails. (Select Provisions)

Title 21. Aeronautics. (Select Provisions)

Title 22. Agriculture and Horticulture. (Select Provisions)

Title 23. Alcoholic Beverages. (Select Provisions)

Title 25. Animals. (Select Provisions)

Title 26. Banks and Banking. (Select Provisions)

Title 28. Commercial Transactions.  (Select Provisions)

Title 31. Counties and County Law. (Select Provisions)

Title 32. Domestic Relations. (Select Provisions)

Title 33. Education. (Select Provisions)

Title 35. Fences. (Select Provisions)

Title 36. Fish and Game. (Select Provisions)

Title 37. Food, Drugs, and Oil. (Select Provisions)

Title 39. Health and Safety. (Select Provisions)

Title 40. Highways and Bridges. (Select Provisions)

Title 41. Insurance. (Select Provisions)

Title 48. Monopolies and Trade Practices. (Select Provisions)

Title 49. Motor Vehicles. (Select Provisions)

Title 50. Municipal Corporations. (Select Provisions)

Title 54. Professions, Vocations, and Businesses. (Select Provisions)

Title 56. Public Assistance and Welfare. (Select Provisions)

Title 57. Public Funds in General. (Select Provisions)

Title 63. Revenue and Taxation.  (Select Provisions)

Title 67. State Government and State Affairs. (Select Provisions)

Title 72. Workers' Compensation and Related Laws - Industrial Commission.  (Select Provisions)


Idaho Criminal Rules 1 to 59.

Misdemeanor Criminal Rules 1 to 18.

Idaho Infraction Rules 1 to 16.

Spanish Phrases.

Idaho Administrative Procedures Act. 

Introduction to Appendix.

The Supreme Court on Select Criminal and Traffic Issues.

User’s Guide to the Index.


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