Illinois Criminal & Traffic Law Manual 2023 Edition

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Illinois Criminal & Traffic Law Manual 2023 Edition

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Features a comprehensive collection of all the Illinois statutes dealing with criminal offenses, motor vehicle and traffic laws, and the authority, duties and responsibilities of law enforcement officers and agencies.

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The Illinois Criminal and Traffic Law Manual has been created and uniquely designed for Illinois law enforcement and criminal justice professionals, including criminal justice students and instructors. who will find the manual to be an invaluable resource. The manual features a comprehensive collection of all the Illinois statutes dealing with criminal offenses, motor vehicle and traffic laws, and the authority, duties and responsibilities of law enforcement officers and agencies.

Along with an extensive collection of selected statutory and procedural provisions directly impacting law enforcement and criminal justice, the manual includes the complete text of the Illinois Compiled Statutes related to: Criminal Offenses (Chapter 720); Vehicles (Chapter 625); Criminal Procedure (Chapter 725); and Corrections (Chapter 730).

New! Also now included in the eBook and mobile app versions is a sample of the Illinois TacBook (Common Offenses and Field Tactics).  This is a quick reference guide written by law enforcement for law enforcement and includes useful information for situations often encountered in the field. This sample includes:

  • Criminal Statutes: 720
    • Assault and Battery
    • Robbery
    • Burglary
  • Vehicles: 625
    • Pedestrians
    • Parking
  • Drugs: 720
    • Cannabis
    • DAR: Depressants--Alcohol
  • Weapons & Tactics
    • Pat-Down & Search

(Table of Contents from 2021 edition. For informational purposes only)

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Criminal Offenses—Chapter 720

Title III—Specific Offenses

       Part A—Inchoate Offenses

                      Article 8—Solicitation, Conspiracy and Attempt

       Part B—Offenses Directed Against the Person

Article 9—Homicide

Article 10—Kidnapping & Related Offenses

Article 11—Sex Offenses

Article 12—Bodily Harm

Article 12C—Harms to Children

       Part C—Offenses Directed Against Property

                      Article 16—Theft

Subdivision 1—Definitions

Subdivision 5—General Theft

Subdivision 10—Retail Theft

Subdivision 15—Identity Theft

Subdivision 20—Miscellaneous Theft-related Offenses

                      Article 17—Deception

Subdivision 5—Deception & Fraud

Subdivision 25—Credit and Debit Card Frau

Subdivision 30—Computer Fraud

Subdivision 35—Miscellaneous Special Fraud

Article 18—Robbery

Article 19—Burglary

Article 20—Arson

Article 21—Damage and Trespass to Property

Article 21.3—Solicitation on School Property

       Part D—Offenses Affecting Public Health, Safety and Decency

Article 24—Deadly Weapons

Article 24.5—Nitrous Oxide

Article 25—Mob Action and Related Offenses

Article 26—Disorderly Conduct

Article 28—Gambling

Article 29D—Terrorism

Article 31—Interference with Public Officers

Article 32—Interference with Judicial Process

Article 33F—Unlawful Use of Body Armor

Article 48—Animals

       Bath Salts Act

       Cannabis Control Act

       Illinois Controlled Substances Act

       Drug Paraphernalia Control Act

       Methamphetamine Control and Community Protection Act

       Sale and Distribution of Tobacco Products Act

       Use of Intoxicating Compounds Act


Liquor Offenses—Chapter 235


Vehicle Offenses—Chapter 625

       Chapter 3—Certificates of Title & Registration of Vehicle

       Chapter 11—Rules of the Road

Article II—Obedience to and Effect of Traffic Laws

Article III—Traffic Signs, Signals and Markings

Article IV—Accidents

Article V—DUI, Transporting Liquor, and Reckless Driving

Article VI—Speed Restrictions

Article VII—Driving on Right Side of Roadway; Overtaking and Passing

Article VIII—Turning & Starting

Article IX—Right-of-Way

Article X—Pedestrians

Article XI—Safety Zones

Article XII—Special Stops Required

Article XIII—Stopping, Standing and Parking

Article XIV—Miscellaneous Laws

       Chapter 12—Equipment of Vehicles

              Article II—Lights

 Article III—Brakes

 Article V—Glass, Windshields & Mirrors

 Article VI—Miscellaneous Requirements

       Child Passenger Protection Act


Illinois Traffic Offenses/Penalties Chart


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