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Immigration Law Sourcebook 2020 Edition - Pre-Order

Immigration Law Sourcebook 2020 Edition - Pre-Order

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This publication includes comprehensive coverage of immigration laws and rules. In this 2,000 page publication, users will find the laws needed to understand and apply the rules governing aliens. Also included are the federal criminal code, rules, and procedures. 

Constitutional Criminal Procedure: A summary of federal arrest, search and seizure, and confession laws.

Immigration Law Classification and Charts: Includes the class of admissions for legal permanent resident aliens, and other aliens.

5 USC -- Government Organization and Employees (§ 552a):Provides the law covering agency record keeping on citizens and aliens lawfully admitted for permanent residence.

Immigration  &  Nationality Act of 1952: Laws governing immigration to and citizenship in the United States. Includes Title I: General Provisions, Title II, Immigration, Title III: Nationality and Naturalization, Title IV: Refugee Assistance and Title V: Alien Terrorist Removal.

8 CFR -- Aliens & Nationality: Includes the entirety of 8 CFR. Chapter 1 includes Department of Home- land Security general provisions, immigration regulations, and nationality regulations. Chapter 5 includes DOJ general provisions, immigration regulations, and nationality regulations.

22 CFR -- Foreign Relations: (Chapter 1 Parts 40-53) Coverage of the rules on visas, nationality, and passport require- ments and exceptions.

Sections Affected
Select Legislative Summaries 

Constitution of the United States of America. 
Article I, Section 9 
Amendments to the Constitution, I to X, XIII, XIV 

Constitution of the State of Georgia. 
Article I. Bill of Rights
Section I. Rights of Persons, Paragraphs I, II, V, IX, X to XIV, XVI to XVIII, XX, XXI, XXIV, XXIX 

Title 3. Alcoholic Beverages. 
Chapter 1. General Provisions
Chapter 2. State Administration and Enforcement
Chapter 3. Regulation of Alcoholic Beverages Generally
Chapter 4. Distilled Spirits
Chapter 5. Malt Beverages
Chapter 6. Wine
Chapter 7. Sale of Distilled Spirits by Private Clubs
Chapter 8. Sale of Alcoholic Beverages at Publicly Owned Facilities
Chapter 9. Sale of Alcoholic Beverages by Passenger Carriers, Nonprofit Organizations, and Hotels and Motels
Chapter 10. Sale or Possession of Distilled Spirits in Dry Counties and Municipalities 
Chapter 11. Sales Off Premises for Catered Functions
Chapter 12. Residential Community Development Districts 
Chapter 13. Sale of Alcoholic Beverages by Regional Economic Assistance Project 
Chapter 14. Special Event Use Permits 

Title 4. Animals. 
Chapter 1. General Provisions 
Chapter 3. Livestock Running at Large or Straying 
Chapter 8. Dogs
Chapter 11. Animal Protection
Chapter 13. Humane Care for Equines

Title 10. Commerce and Trade. 
Chapter 1. Selling and Other Trade Practices

Title 12. Conservation and Natural Resources. 
Chapter 9. Prevention and Control of Air Pollution

Title 15. Courts. 
Chapter 10. Magistrate Courts
Chapter 11. Juvenile Proceedings
Chapter 12. Juries
Chapter 21. Payment and Disposition of Fines and Forfeitures

Title 16. Crimes and Offenses. 
Chapter 1. General Provisions
Chapter 2. Criminal Liability
Chapter 3. Defenses to Criminal Prosecutions
Chapter 4. Criminal Attempt, Conspiracy, and Solicitation
Chapter 5. Crimes Against the Person
Chapter 6. Sexual Offenses
Chapter 7. Damage to and Intrusion Upon Property
Chapter 8. Offenses Involving Theft
Chapter 9. Forgery and Fraudulent Practices
Chapter 10. Offenses Against Public Administration
Chapter 11. Offenses Against Public Order and Safety
Chapter 12. Offenses Against Public Health and Morals
Chapter 13. Controlled Substances
Chapter 14. Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations
Chapter 15. Street Gang Terrorism and Prevention
Chapter 16. Forfeiture of Property Used in Burglary or Armed Robbery
Chapter 17. Payday Lending

Title 17. Criminal Procedure. 
Chapter 1. General Provisions
Chapter 2. Jurisdiction and Venue
Chapter 3. Limitations on Prosecution
Chapter 4. Arrest of Persons
Chapter 5. Searches and Seizures
Chapter 6. Bonds and Recognizances
Chapter 7. Pretrial Proceedings
Chapter 8. Trial
Chapter 9. Verdict and Judgment Generally
Chapter 10. Sentence and Punishment
Chapter 11. Assessment and Payment of Costs of Criminal Proceedings
Chapter 12. Legal Defense for Indigents
Chapter 13. Criminal Extradition
Chapter 14. Restitution and Distribution of Profits to Victims of Crimes
Chapter 15. Victim Compensation
Chapter 15A. Compensation for Criminally Inflicted Property Damage
Chapter 16. Discovery
Chapter 17. Crime Victims' Bill of Rights
Chapter 18. Written Statements of Information to Victims of Rape or Forcible Sodomy

Title 19. Domestic Relations. 
Chapter 7. Parent and Child Relationship Generally
Chapter 9. Child Custody Proceedings
Chapter 10. Abandonment of Spouse or Child
Chapter 10A. Safe Place for Newborns
Chapter 13. Family Violence
Chapter 14. Child Abuse and Neglect Prevention

Title 20. Education. 
Chapter 2. Elementary and Secondary Education
Chapter 3. Postsecondary Education
Chapter 8. Campus Policemen

Title 21. Elections. 
Chapter 2. Elections and Primaries Generally

Title 24. Evidence (Effective until January 1, 2013). 
Chapter 1. General Provisions
Chapter 2. Relevancy
Chapter 3. Hearsay
Chapter 4. Proof Generally
Chapter 5. Best Evidence Rule
Chapter 6. Parol Evidence Rule
Chapter 7. Authentication of Writings
Chapter 8. Establishment of Lost Records
Chapter 9. Witnesses Generally
Chapter 10. Securing Attendance of Witnesses and Production and Preservation of Evidence

Title 24. Evidence (Effective January 1, 2013). 
Chapter 1. General Provisions
Chapter 2. Judicial Notice
Chapter 3. Parol Evidence
Chapter 4. Relevant Evidence and Its Limits
Chapter 5. Privileges
Chapter 6. Witnesses
Chapter 7. Opinions and Expert Testimony
Chapter 8. Hearsay
Chapter 9. Authentication and Identification
Chapter 10. Best Evidence Rule
Chapter 11. Establishment of Lost Records
Chapter 12. Medical and Other Confidential Information
Chapter 13. Securing Attendance of Witnesses and Production and Preservation of Evidence
Chapter 14. Proof Generally

Title 26. Food, Drugs, and Cosmetics. 
Chapter 2. Standards, Labeling, and Adulteration of Food

Title 27. Game and Fish. 
Chapter 3. Wildlife Generally

Title 30. Handicapped Persons. 
Chapter 5. Protection of Disabled Adults and Elder Persons

Title 31. Health. 
Chapter 1. General Provisions; Access to Eye Care
Chapter 8. Care and Protection of Indigent and Elderly Patients
Chapter 12A. Smokefree Air
Chapter 22. Clinical Laboratories

Title 32. Highways, Bridges, and Ferries. 
Chapter 1. General Provisions
Chapter 6. Regulation of Maintenance and Use of Public Roads Generally
Chapter 9. Mass Transportation

Title 33. Insurance. 
Chapter 9. Regulation of Rates, Underwriting Rules, and Related Organizations
Chapter 34. Motor Vehicle Accident Reparations

Title 34. Labor and Industrial Relations. 
Chapter 9. Workers' Compensation
Rules and Regulations of the State Board of Workers' Compensation

Title 35. Law Enforcement Officers and Agencies. 
Chapter 1. General Provisions
Chapter 2. Department of Public Safety
Chapter 3. Georgia Bureau of Investigation
Chapter 8. Employment and Training of Peace Officers

Title 38. Military, Emergency Management, and Veterans Affairs. 
Chapter 3. Emergency Management

Title 40. Motor Vehicles and Traffic. 
Chapter 1. Identification and Regulation
Chapter 2. Registration and Licensing of Motor Vehicles
Chapter 3. Certificates of Title, Security Interests, and Liens
Chapter 4. Identification of and Purchase and Resale of Motor Vehicles and Parts
Chapter 5. Drivers' Licenses
Chapter 6. Uniform Rules of the Road
Chapter 7. Off-Road Vehicles
Chapter 8. Equipment and Inspection of Motor Vehicles
Chapter 9. Reporting Accidents; Giving Proof of Financial Responsibility
Chapter 10. Formulation and Coordination of State and Local Highway Safety Programs
Chapter 11. Abandoned Motor Vehicles
Chapter 12. Actions Against Nonresident Motorists
Chapter 13. Prosecution of Traffic Offenses
Chapter 14. Use of Speed Detection and Traffic-Control Signal Monitoring Devices
Chapter 15. Motorcycle Operator Safety Training Program
Chapter 16. Department of Driver Services

Title 42. Penal Institutions. 
Chapter 1. General Provisions
Chapter 8. Probation
Chapter 12. Prison Litigation Reform

Title 43. Professions and Businesses. 
Chapter 4B. Georgia Athletic and Entertainment Commission
Chapter 13. Instructors in Driver Training and Operators of Driver Training Schools
Chapter 38. Operators of Private Detective Businesses and Private Security Businesses

Title 45. Public Officers and Employees. 
Chapter 16. Coroners 

Title 46. Public Utilities and Public Transportation. 
Chapter 1. General Provisions
Chapter 7. Motor Carriers [Repealed] 
Chapter 11. Transportation of Hazardous Materials [Repealed] 

Title 49. Social Services. 
Chapter 4. Public Assistance
Chapter 4A. Department of Juvenile Justice

Title 50. State Government. 
Chapter 18. State Printing and Documents
Chapter 25. Georgia Technology Authority
Chapter 27. Lottery for Education
Chapter 36. Verification of Lawful Presence Within United States

Title 52. Waters of the State, Ports, and Watercraft. 
Chapter 7. Registration, Operation, and Sale of Watercraft

User's Guide to the Index 

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