Kentucky Motor Vehicle Laws Annotated 2020-2021 Edition

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Kentucky Motor Vehicle Laws Annotated 2020-2021 Edition

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Features the most comprehensive presentation of statutes and regulations governing motor vehicle operation, ownership and traffic in Kentucky.

Kentucky Motor Vehicle Laws and Regulations Annotated features the most comprehensive presentation of Kentucky’s statutes and regulations governing motor vehicle operation, ownership and traffic. Fully annotated by case law applications and interpretations, this manual provides law enforcement officers and criminal justice professional with a complete guide to motor vehicle and traffic law enforcement, including related statutes and regulations for criminal offenses, public health and safety, insurance, taxation, aviation, waterways, boats and boating.

Sections Affected by Recent Legislation


TITLE III. Executive Branch

              [Selected provisions]


TITLE VII. Public Property and Public Printing

              [Selected provisions]


TITLE IX. Counties, Cities, and Other Local Units

              [Selected provisions]


TITLE XI. Revenue and Taxation

              [Selected provisions]


TITLE XII. Conservation and State Development

              [Selected provisions]


TITLE XIII. Education

              [Selected provisions]


TITLE XV. Roads, Waterways, and Aviation

              [Selected provisions]


TITLE XVI. Motor Vehicles

186. Licensing of Motor Vehicles, Operators and Trailers

186A. Automated Motor Vehicle Registration System

187. Financial Responsibility Law

188. Service of Process on Nonresident Motorists

189. Traffic Regulations—Vehicle Equipment and Storage

189A. Driving Under the Influence

190. Motor Vehicle Sales

190A. Recreational Vehicle Sales


TITLE XVIII. Public Health

              [Selected provisions]


TITLE XIX. Public Safety and Morals

              [Selected provisions]


TITLE XXIV. Public Utilities

              [Selected provisions]


TITLE XXV. Business and Financial Institutions

              [Selected provisions]


TITLE XXVI. Occupations and Professions

              [Selected provisions]


TITLE XXIX. Commerce and Trade

              [Selected provisions]


TITLE XXXI. Debtor-Creditor Relations

              [Selected provisions]


TITLE XXXVI. Statutory Actions and Limitations

              [Selected provisions]


TITLE XL. Crimes and Punishments

              [Selected provisions]


TITLE L. Kentucky Penal Code

              [Selected provisions]



TITLE 600. Transportation Cabinet

1. Administration

2. Toll Facilities

3. Property Acquisition and Uniform Relocation

4. Office of Minority Affairs

5. Nonpublic School Transportation

6. Professional Engineering and Related Services


TITLE 601. Transportation Cabinet Department of Vehicle Regulation

1. Division of Motor Carriers

2. Administration

9. Motor Vehicle Tax

11. Commercial Driver’s License

12. Driver’s License

13. Driver Improvement

14. Motorcycle and Bicycle Safety

15. Commissioned Employees

23. Certification of Title

35. Coal Transportation

40. Transportation of Solid Waste


TITLE 603. Transportation Cabinet Department of Highways

1. Construction and Materials

2. Preconstruction

3. Maintenance

4. Right-of-way

5. Traffic

7. Mass Transportation

8. Transportation Scholarship Program

9. Division of Planning

10. Billboards


TITLE 605. Transportation Cabinet Motor Vehicle Commission

              [Selected provisions]



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