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Maryland Criminal Law and Motor Vehicle Handbook - 2018-2019 Edition










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November 30, 2019

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November 28, 2018

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Available in Print, eBook and Mobile App, Maryland Criminal Law and Motor Vehicle Handbook is a complete guide to Maryland criminal and vehicle law and includes a valuable presentation of Maryland Police Procedure: Arrest, Search and Seizure and Confession Law.


Available in Print, eBook and Mobile App, Maryland Criminal Law and Motor Vehicle Handbook is a complete guide to Maryland criminal and vehicle laws. This publication includes a valuable presentation of Maryland Police Procedure: Arrest, Search and Seizure and Confession Law. The convenient softbound book also includes related statutes from Alcoholic Beverages, Governor-Executive and Administrative, Inspections, Insurance, Licenses, Militia, Natural Resources, Labor and Employment, Courts and Judicial Proceedings (Juvenile Causes), and Family Law (Missing Children).


Table of Sections Affected

Highlights of the Recent Maryland Legislative Session

Maryland Legal Guidelines

Correctional Services

1. Definitions; General Provisions

2. Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services

3. Division of Correction

4. Patuxent Institution

5. Division of Pretrial Detention and Services

6. Parole and Probation

7. Parole, Release on Mandatory Supervision, and Executive Clemency

8. State and Local Correctional System—Generally

9. State and Local Correctional System—Inmates

10. State Correctional Facilities

11. Local Correctional Facilities

Criminal Law

1. General Provisions

2. Homicide

3. Other Crimes Against the Person

4. Weapon Crimes

5. Controlled Dangerous Substances, Prescriptions, and Other Substances

6. Crimes Against Property

7. Theft and Related Crimes

8. Fraud and Related Crimes

9. Crimes Against Public Administration

10. Crimes Against Public Health, Conduct, and Sensibilities

11. Indecency and Obscenity

12. Gaming—Statewide Provisions

13. Gaming—Local Provisions

14. General Sentencing Provisions

Criminal Procedure

1. Definitions; General Provisions

2. Law Enforcement Procedures; Arrest Process

3. Incompetency and Criminal Responsibility in Criminal Cases

4. Pretrial Procedures

5. Release

6. Trial and Sentencing

7. Uniform Postconviction Procedure Act

8. Other Postconviction Review

9. Extradition

10. Criminal Records

11. Victims and Witnesses

12. Forfeiture—Controlled Dangerous Substances Violations

13. Other Forfeitures

14. Office of the State Prosecutor

15. Office of the State's Attorney

16. Office of the Public Defender


1. Definitions; General Provisions

2. Department of Transportation

3. Financing by Department

4. Revenue Facilities

5. Aviation

6. Ports

7. Mass Transit 8. Highways

10. Transportation Compacts

11. Vehicle Laws—Definitions; General Provisions

12. Vehicle Laws—Motor Vehicle Administration

13. Vehicle Laws—Certificates of Title and Registration of Vehicles

14. Vehicle Laws—Antitheft Laws

15. Vehicle Laws—Licensing of Businesses and Occupations

16. Vehicle Laws—Drivers' Licenses

17. Vehicle Laws—Required Security

18. Vehicle Laws—For-Rent Vehicles

19. Vehicle Laws—Civil Liability of Governmental Agencies

20. Vehicle Laws—Accidents and Accident Reports

21. Vehicle Laws—Rules of the Road

22. Vehicle Laws—Equipment of Vehicles

23. Vehicle Laws—Inspection of Used Vehicles and Warnings for Defective Equipment

24. Vehicle Laws—Size, Weight, and Load; Highway Preservation

25. Vehicle Laws—Respective Powers of State and Local Authorities; Disposition of Abandoned Vehicles

26. Vehicle Laws—Parties and Procedure on Citation, Arrest, Trial, and Appeal

27. Vehicle Laws—Penalties; Disposition of Fines and Forfeitures

Related Statutes

Constitution of Maryland

Article 1. Rules of Interpretation

Article 2B Alcoholic Beverages

Article 24 Political Subdivisions—Miscellaneous Provisions


Business Regulation

Commercial Law

Courts and Judicial Proceedings

1. Court Structure and Organization

2. Court Personnel

3. Courts of General Jurisdiction—Jurisdiction/Special Causes of Action

5. Limitations, Prohibited Actions, and Immunities

7. Costs, Fines, and Forfeitures

9. Witnesses

10. Evidence

Economic Development


Election Law


Family Law

Health - General


Labor and Employment

Natural Resources

Public Safety

Public Utilities

Real Property

State Finance and Procurement

State Government

Tax - Property

Maryland Rules

User's Guide to Index