Defensive Living - 2nd Edition

AUTHOR Ed Lovette; Dave Spaulding
Defensive Living - 2nd Edition

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Crucial Tips for Keeping Yourself Safe in the Shadow of Terrorist Threats!

Imagine a defensive training guide that has the informational firepower to keep cops safe presented in a way that's practical for your family to use to protect themselves, too!

Filled with 50+ yrs. of hard-earned, expert-level law enforcement and military training experience, this treasure chest of self-protection wisdom covers everything from mental conditioning for effective response to defensive driving tactics and medical self-help techniques.

Street-Proven Tactics & Time-Tested Techniques For Combating Real-World Threats!

Learn pre-attack signals:

  • home protection vs. home defense
  • nine ways to ensure self-protection readiness
  • the life-changing "X's and O's Awareness Test".


    Inside you'll find:

  • Tips for turning fear into a powerful self-protection tool, not a life-threatening weakness.
  • 9 key steps ensuring that you're ready to meet a personal safety threat head-on...whenever and wherever it surfaces.
  • A reminder of the biggest weapon you've got and how to use it to survive a car-jacking!
  • Detailed exploration of the 8 levels of the Force Continuum and when each comes into play.
  • Expert direction, from nationally renowned firearms expert Dave Spaulding, for peak performance with a handgun. Crucial for law enforcement and civilians alike!

    Plus, you'll get answers to home protection questions like:

  • Is having a gun next to your bed the best way to protect your family in a home invasion?
  • What's a "Safe Haven" and how do you create one?
  • Who might be at risk most if you jump out of bed the minute you hear a noise in the house?
  • Who's most likely to get shot by the gun under your pillow?

    "This new edition rounds out the life-saving advise of the first. The title says it all; this is the book to read if you have decided to live realistically in the face of today's dangers." - Ralph Mroz, Police Officer's Safety Association

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