Michigan Penal & Motor Vehicle Law Field Guide 2023-2024 Edition

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Michigan Penal & Motor Vehicle Law Field Guide 2023-2024 Edition

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Clearly and concisely presents the material elements, section numbers and penalties for commonly used criminal and motor vehicle laws of Michigan.                                                                                                          

This Field Guide contains the Michigan criminal code, motor vehicle laws, and rules of criminal procedure.    This easy-to-use field guide provides law enforcement officers with crimes, notes, and penalties. In addition to the Michigan Criminal Code, the Field Guide includes the most often used traffic offenses and relevant portions of the Public Health Laws. Other features of the Field Guide include Rules of Procedure and an extensive glossary of terms.

(Table of content from 2020-2021 Edition.For informational purposes only)

Part I—Elements of Crimes
   Chapter IV—Adulterating and Misbranding
   Chapter IX—Animals
   Chapter X—Arson and Burning
   Chapter XI—Assaults
   Chapter XII—Attempts
   Chapter XV—Boats and Navigation
   Chapter XVI—Breaking and Entering
   Chapter XIX—Checks Without Sufficient Funds
   Chapter XX—Children
   Chapter XXA—Vulnerable Adults
   Chapter XXII—Compounding Offenses
   Chapter XXIV—Conspiracy
   Chapter XXIVA—Financial Transaction Devices
   Chapter XXVII—Desertion and Non-Support
   Chapter XXVIII—Disorderly Persons
   Chapter XXIX—Disturbing Meetings
   Chapter XXXI—Embezzlement
   Chapter XXXII—Escapes, Rescues, Jail and Prison Breaking
   Chapter XXXIII—Explosives, Bombs, and Harmful Devices
   Chapter XXXIV—Extortion
   Chapter XXXV—False Personation
   Chapter XXXVI—False Pretenses and False Representation
   Chapter XXXVII—Firearms
   Chapter XXXVIII—Fires
   Chapter XLI—Forgery and Counter-feiting
   Chapter XLIII—Frauds and Cheats
   Chapter XLIV—Gambling
   Chapter XLV—Homicide
   Chapter XLVIII—Indecency and Immorality
   Chapter L—Kidnapping
   Chapter LII—Larceny
   Chapter LV—Lotteries
   Chapter LVI—Malicious and Willful Mischief and Destruction
   Chapter LVII—Masks and Disguises
   Chapter LVIII—Mayhem
   Chapter LX—Miscellaneous
   Chapter LXI—Motor Vehicles
   Chapter LXVII—Prostitution
   Chapter LXVIIA—Human Trafficking
   Chapter LXVIII—Public Exhibitions and Entertainment
   Chapter LXIX—Public Health
   Chapter LXX—Public Offices and Officers
   Chapter LXXII—Public Safety
   Chapter LXXIII—Punishments
   Chapter LXXIV—Radio Broadcasting
   Chapter LXXVI—Criminal Sexual Conduct
   Chapter LXXVII—Riots and Unlawful Assemblies
   Chapter LXXVIII—Robbery
   Chapter LXXXI—Stolen, Embezzled or Converted Property
   Chapter LXXXII—Telegraph and Telephone
   Chapter LXXXIII-A—Michigan Anti-Terrorism Act
   Chapter LXXXV—Trespass
   Chapter 752—Crimes and Offenses
   Title 14—Public Health
   Selected Traffic Offenses
Part II—Glossary of Terms
Part III—Michigan Traffic Offenses—Quick Reference Guide

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