Missouri Criminal & Traffic Law Manual 2023 Edition

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LAST RELEASE DATE March 23, 2022
Missouri Criminal & Traffic Law Manual 2023 Edition

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Features a comprehensive presentation of Missouri’s criminal law and procedure, motor vehicle and traffic laws, juvenile provisions, as well as hundreds of related statutes that law enforcement officials, attorneys, and criminal justice professionals use most often.

In this definitive collection of law enforcement and criminal-justice related statutes, the Missouri Criminal and Traffic Law Manual provides comprehensive coverage of this State’s Criminal Law (Title 38, Crimes and Punishments; Peace Officers); Criminal Procedure (Title 37); the laws related to Motor Vehicles, Watercraft and Aviation (Title 19); Domestic Relations (Title 30); Correctional and Penal Institutions (Title 13); Public Health & Welfare (Title 12, Including Drug Regulations); Juvenile Law and Child Protection (Chps. 210, 211); Alcoholic Beverages (Title 20); Conservation, Fish & Game (Title 16); Evidence and Witnesses (Title 33); along with selected provisions of related statutes that law enforcement officials, attorneys, and criminal justice professionals use most often. The newest Blue360° Media Edition includes Legislative Highlights, which provide a valuable overview of the important statutory changes for this year’s Blue360° Media Edition, as well as an extensive index and table of contents for quick access to each area of the law.


(Table of contents from 2021 edition. For informational purposes only)

Legislative Highlights

Table of Sections Affected by Recent Legislation

•   Title 1. Laws and Statutes
•   Title 2. Sovereignty, Jurisdiction and Emblems
•   Title 3. Legislative Branch
•   Title 4. Executive Branch
•   Title 5. Military Affairs and Police
•   Title 6. County, Township and Political Subdivision Government
•   Title 7. Cities, Towns and Villages
•   Title 8. Public Officers and Employees, Bonds and Records
•   Title 10. Taxation and Revenue
•   Title 11. Education and Libraries
•   Title 12. Public Health and Welfare
•   Title 13. Correctional and Penal Institutions
•   Title 14. Roads and Waterways
•   Title 16. Conservation, Resources and Development
•   Title 17. Agriculture and Animals
•   Title 19. Motor Vehicles, Watercraft and Aviation
•   Title 20. Alcoholic Beverages
•   Title 21. Public Safety and Morals
•   Title 22. Occupations and Professions
•   Title 23. Corporations, Associations and Partnerships
•   Title 24. Business and Financial Institutions
•   Title 25. Incorporation and Regulation of Certain Utilities and Carriers
•   Title 26. Trade and Commerce
•   Title 30. Domestic Relations
•   Title 32. Courts
•   Title 33. Evidence and Legal Advertisements
•   Title 35. Civil Procedure and Limitations
•   Title 36. Statutory Actions and Torts
•   Title 37. Criminal Procedure
•   Title 38. Crimes and Punishment; Peace Officers and Public Defenders
•   Title 39. Conduct of Public Business
•   Title 40. Additional Executive Departments
•   Constitution of Missouri

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