Motor Vehicle Laws of North Carolina Annotated 2023-2024 Edition

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Motor Vehicle Laws of North Carolina Annotated 2023-2024 Edition

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Includes a comprehensive presentation of Motor Vehicle and Traffic Laws, as well as key provisions in the Evidence Code, Juvenile Code, and various other statutes law enforcement and criminal justice professionals use most often.

In this definitive collection of Motor Vehicle and Traffic-related statutes, the North Carolina Motor Vehicle Laws Annotated provides comprehensive coverage of North Carolina’s Motor Vehicle and Traffic Laws (Chapter 20), as well hundreds of other selected provisions of related statutes, all fully annotated by case law applications and interpretations designed to enhance the practitioner’s constitutional and practical application of the relevant provisions. 

The newest Blue360° Media Edition also includes a listing of applicable sections affected by legislation during the latest session, along with an extensive index and table of contents for quick access to each area of the law. The publication also includes an extensive index and table of contents for quick access to each area of the law.

(Table of content from 2020-2021 Edition.For informational purposes only)

Yearly Motor Vehicle Registration

Sections Affected by Recent Legislation

Part I: Chapter 20. Motor Vehicles.

Article 1. Division of Motor Vehicles

Article 1A. Reciprocity Agreements as to Registration and Licensing

Article 1B. Reciprocal Provisions as to Arrest of Nonresidents

Article 1C. Driver’s License Compact

Article 2. Uniform Driver’s License Act

Article 2A. Afflicted, Disabled or Handicapped Persons

Article 2B. Special Identification Cards for Nonoperators

Article 2C. Commercial Driver License

Article 2D. Implied-Consent Offense Procedures

Article 3. Motor Vehicle Act of 1937

Article 3A. Safety and Emissions Inspection Program

Article 3B. Permanent Weigh Stations and Portable Scales

Article 3C. Vehicle Equipment Safety Compact

Article 3D. Automatic License Plate Reader Systems

Article 4. State Highway Patrol

Article 6A. Motor Carriers of Migratory Farm Workers

Article 7. Miscellaneous Provisions Relating to Motor Vehicles

Article 7A. Post-towing Procedures

Article 7B. Notification of Towing

Article 8A. Issuance of New Licenses to Persons Adjudged Habitual Offenders [Repealed]

Article 9. Motor Vehicle Safety and Financial Responsibility Act [Repealed]

Article 9A. Motor Vehicle Safety and Financial Responsibility Act of 1953

Article 10. Financial Responsibility of Taxicab Operators

Article 10A. Transportation Network Companies

Article 11. Liability Insurance Required of Persons Engaged in Renting Motor Vehicles

Article 12. Motor Vehicle Dealers and Manufacturers Licensing Law, §§ 20-285 to 20-308.12

Article 12A. Motor Vehicle Captive Finance Source Law, §§ 20-308.13 to 20-308.22

Article 13. The Vehicle Financial Responsibility Act of 1957, §§ 20-309 to 20-319

Article 13A. Certification of Automobile Insurance Coverage by Insurance Companies

Article 14. Driver Training School Licensing Law

Article 15. Vehicle Mileage Act

Article 15A. New Motor Vehicles Warranties Act

Article 15B. North Carolina Motor Vehicle Repair Act

Article 16. Professional Housemoving

Article 17. Motor Carrier Safety Regulation Unit

Part II. Related Laws (Selected Contents)

Chapter 1. Civil Procedure.

Chapter 8. Evidence.

Chapter 14. Criminal Law.

Chapter 15A. Criminal Procedure Act.

Chapter 25. Uniform Commercial Code.

Chapter 44A. Statutory Liens and Charges.

Chapter 62. Public Utilities.

Chapter 63. Aeronautics.

Chapter 97. Workers’ Compensation Act.

Chapter 105. Taxation.

Chapter 115C. Elementary and Secondary Education.

Chapter 115D. Community Colleges.

Chapter 122C. Mental Health, Developmental Disabilities, and Substance Abuse Act of 1985.

Chapter 130A. Public Health.

Chapter 136. Transportation.


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