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1955 (estimated)


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This publication offers an extensive collection of selected statutory and procedural provisions directly impacting law enforcement and criminal justice professionals, including a valuable presentation of New Mexico Police Procedure: Arrest, Search and Seizure, and Confession Law.


The New Mexico Criminal and Traffic Law Manual, now in its 16th year of publication, was created and uniquely designed for New Mexico law enforcement and criminal justice professionals, including attorneys, criminal justice students and instructors. Along with an extensive collection of selected statutory and procedural provisions directly impacting law enforcement and criminal justice, the manual incldes the complete text of the New Mexico statutes related to: Criminal Offenses (Chapter 30); Motor Vehicles (Chapter 66); Criminal Procedure (Chapter 31); and relevant selected contents as set forth below.

The newest edition significantly enhances an officer’s constitutional application of the law with the addition of practical and insightful Police Procedure: Arrest, Search and Seizure, and Confession Law. This unique feature of our publication covers a wide range of constitutional criminal procedure that addresses the Laws of Arrest, Search and Seizure, including Investigative Detentions (“Stop and Frisk”), Motor Vehicle Stops, Search Warrants and the Exceptions to the Warrant Requirement, along with Confession Law and other procedural issues designed to assist law enforcement and criminal justice professionals with complying with federal and state constitutional requirements.


Sections Affected by Recent Legislation

 Highlights of the Recent New Mexico Legislative Session

 New Mexico Legal Guidelines

 The Constitution of the United States of America

 Constitution of the State of New Mexico

 Chapter 3. Municipalities

 Chapter 4. Counties

 Chapter 6. Public Finances

 Chapter 7. Taxation

 Chapter 10. Public Officers and Employees

 Chapter 11. Intergovernmental Agreements and Authorities

 Chapter 12. Miscellaneous Public Affairs Matters

 Chapter 13. Public Purchases and Property

 Chapter 15. Administration of Government

 Chapter 16. Parks, Recreation and Fairs

 Chapter 17. Game and Fish and Outdoor Recreation

 Chapter 18. Libraries, Museums and Cultural Properties

 Chapter 19. Public Lands

 Chapter 20. Military Affairs

 Chapter 22. Public Schools

 Chapter 24. Health and Safety

 Chapter 26. Drugs and Cosmetics

 Chapter 28. Human Rights

 Chapter 29. Law Enforcement

 Chapter 30. Criminal Offenses

 Art. 1. General Provisions

 Art. 2. Homicide

 Art. 3. Assault and Battery

 Art. 3A. Harassment and Stalking

 Art. 4. Kidnapping

 Art. 5. Abortion

 Art. 5A. Partial-Birth Abortion Ban

 Art. 6. Crimes Against Children and Dependents

 Art. 6A. Sexual Exploitation of Children

 Art. 7. Weapons and Explosives

 Art. 8. Nuisances

 Art. 9. Sexual Offenses

 Art. 10. Marital and Familial Offenses

 Art. 11. Crimes Against Reputation

 Art. 12. Abuse of Privacy

 Art. 13. Violation of Civil Rights

 Art. 14. Trespass

 Art. 15. Property Damage

 Art. 16. Larceny

 Art. 16A. Repealed

 Art. 16B. Unauthorized Recording

 Art. 16C. Unauthorized Theater Recording

 Art. 16D. Unlawful Taking of a Vehicle or Motor Vehicle

 Art. 17. Fire

 Art. 18. Animals

 Art. 19. Gambling

 Art. 20. Crimes Against Public Peace

 Art. 20A. Antiterrorism

 Art. 20B. Demonstrations at Funerals and Memorial Services Act

 Art. 21. Sabotage and Disloyalty

 Art. 22. Interference with Law Enforcement

 Art. 23. Misconduct by Officials

 Art. 24. Bribery

 Art. 25. Perjury and False Affirmations

 Art. 26. Interference with Public Records

 Art. 27. Malicious Prosecution, etc.

 Art. 28. Initiatory Crimes

 Art. 29. Glues

 Art. 30. Mercury

 Art. 31. Controlled Substances

 Art. 31A. Imitation Controlled Substances

 Art. 31B. Drug Precursors

 Art. 32. Forest Fires

 Art. 33. Fraud and False Dealing

 Art. 33A. Telecommunications Service Theft

 Art. 34. Transferred

 Art. 35. Public Utilities

 Art. 36. Worthless Checks

 Art. 37. Sexually Oriented Material Harmful to Minors

 Art. 38. Exhibiting Obscene Films Outdoors

 Art. 39. False Reporting

 Art. 40. Public Assistance

 Art. 41. Kickback, Bribe or Rebate

 Art. 42. Racketeering

 Art. 43. Loan Sharking

 Art. 44. Medicaid Fraud

 Art. 45. Computer Crimes

 Art. 46. Ticket Scalping

 Art. 47. Resident Abuse and Neglect

 Art. 48. Repealed

 Art. 49. Tobacco Products

 Art. 50. Fraudulent Telemarketing

 Art. 51. Money Laundering

 Art. 52. Human Trafficking

 Chapter 31. Criminal Procedure

 Chapter 32A. Children's Code

 Chapter 33. Correctional Institutions

 Chapter 34. Court Structure and Administration

 Chapter 35. Magistrate and Municipal Courts

 Chapter 37. Limitation of Actions; Abatement and Revivor

 Chapter 38. Trials

 Chapter 39. Judgments, Costs, Appeals

 Chapter 40. Domestic Affairs

 Chapter 41. Torts

 Chapter 42. Actions and Proceedings Relating to Property

 Chapter 43. Commitment Procedures

 Chapter 44. Miscellaneous Civil Law Matters

 Chapter 47. Property Law

 Chapter 50. Employment Law

 Chapter 56. Commercial Instruments and Transactions

 Chapter 57. Trade Practices and Regulations

 Chapter 58. Financial Institutions and Regulations

 Chapter 59A. Insurance Code

 Chapter 60. Business Licenses

 Chapter 61. Professional and Occupational Licenses

 Chapter 63. Railroads and Communications

 Chapter 65. Motor Carriers

 Chapter 66. Motor Vehicles

 Chapter 67. Highways

 Chapter 68. Timber

 Chapter 72. Water Law

 Chapter 74. Environmental Improvement

 Chapter 77. Animals and Livestock

 Rules of Criminal Procedure for the District Courts

 Rules of Criminal Procedure for the Magistrate Courts

 Rules of Criminal Procedure for the Metropolitan Courts

 Rules of Procedure for the Municipal Courts

 Criminal Forms

 Children's Court Rules and Forms

 Rules of Evidence

 Introduction to Appendix

 The Supreme Court on Select Criminal and Traffic Issues

 User's Guide to Index