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Official 2019 New Mexico Criminal and Traffic Law Manual™ - Pre-Order

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Now offered in Print, eBook and Mobile App, the 2019 New Mexico Criminal and Traffic Law Manual is the authoritative publication relied on by law enforcement, public defenders, district attorneys, judges and lawyers in New Mexico. It contains all relevant 2019 laws and rules, featuring all significant NMSA 1978™ criminal and traffic provisions as well as hundreds of related sections in such areas as local law, procedure, law enforcement and constitutional law. It also contains selected civil law matters and court rules. A detailed Subject Index is included in this volume.


Sections Affected by 2018 Legislation Chapter 30, NMSA 1978—Criminal Offenses Constitution of the United States Constitution of the State of New Mexico Chapter 3. Municipalities. Chapter 4. Counties. Chapter 7. Taxation. Chapter 10. Public Officers and Employees. Chapter 12. Miscellaneous Public Affairs Matters. Chapter 14. Records, Rules, Legal Notices, Oaths. Chapter 16. Parks, Recreation and Fairs. Chapter 17. Game and Fish and Outdoor Recreation. Chapter 18. Libraries, Museums and Cultural Properties. Chapter 19. Public Lands. Chapter 22. Public Schools. Chapter 24. Health and Safety. Chapter 26. Drugs and Cosmetics. Chapter 28. Human Rights. Chapter 29. Law Enforcement. Chapter 30. Criminal Offenses. Chapter 31. Criminal Procedure. Chapter 32A. Children’s Code. Chapter 33. Correctional Institutions. Chapter 34. Court Structure and Administration. Chapter 35. Magistrate and Municipal Courts. Chapter 36. Attorneys. Chapter 37. Limitation of Actions; Abatement and Revivor. Chapter 38. Trials. Chapter 39. Judgments, Costs, Appeals. Chapter 40. Domestic Affairs. Chapter 43. Commitment Procedures. Chapter 44. Miscellaneous Civil Law Matters. Chapter 47. Property Law. Chapter 57. Trade Practices and Regulations. Chapter 58. Financial Institutions and Regulations. Chapter 59A. Insurance Code. Chapter 60. Business Licenses. Chapter 61. Professional and Occupational Licenses. Chapter 63. Railroads and Communications. Chapter 65. Motor Carriers. Chapter 66. Motor Vehicles. Chapter 67. Highways. Chapter 68. Timber. Chapter 72. Water Law. Chapter 77. Animals and Livestock. Rules of Criminal Procedure for the District Courts. Rules of Criminal Procedure for the Magistrate Courts. Rules of Criminal Procedure for the Metropolitan Courts. Rules of Procedure for the Municipal Courts. Criminal Forms. Children's Court Rules and Forms. Rules of Evidence. Code of Judicial Conduct. Supreme Court General Rules. User’s Guide to the Index Index