New York Criminal Law Reference: 2024 Ed.

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New York Criminal Law Reference: 2024 Ed.

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This resource contains the complete Certified NY Penal Law and Criminal Procedure Law. Also includes selected statutes from the corrections code, education law, executive law,  general business, vehicle and traffic laws, offense classifications, and felony sentencing guidelines.

The most accurate and current resource for NYS practitioners of it’s kind!

Contains the complete Penal Law (certified); the complete Criminal Procedure Law
(certified), plus selected laws from Correction Law, Education Law, Executive Law,
General Business Law, Public Health Law, Vehicle and Traffic Law, and Felony
Sentencing Guidelines.

Includes Penal Law Offenses and Classifications for quick easy reference.

Also includes Tables of Affected Statues and is Fully Indexed.

(Table of contents from 2023 Edition. For informational use only)


Part I
Penal Law
Penal Law Index
Part II
Criminal Procedure Law
Criminal Procedure Law Index
Part III
Selected Laws of New York State
Tables of Contents
Correction Law
Education Law
Executive Law
General Business Law
Public Health Law
Vehicle and Traffic Law
Selected Laws Index
Part IV
NYS Penal Offenses and Classifications
Felony Sentencing Guidelines
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