New York Environmental Conservation Law: 2024 Ed.

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New York Environmental Conservation Law: 2024 Ed.

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Certified by the State of New York, this complete and unabridged presentation of Chapter 43-B of the NYS consolidated laws includes a comprehensive index.

Table of content
1 General Provisions

3 Department of environmental conservation; general
functions, powers, duties and jurisdiction

6 State smart growth public infrastructure policy act

7 Council of environmental advisers 

8 Environmental quality review 

9 Lands and forests 

11 Fish and wildlife

13 Marine and coastal resources

14 New York Ocean and Great Lakes ecosystem
conservation act

15 Water resources

16 Flood control 

17 Water pollution control 

19 Air pollution control

21 Pollution control compacts

22 Mining of uranium

23 Mineral resources

24 Freshwater wetlands

25 Tidal wetlands

27 Collection, treatment and disposal of refuse and
other solid waste 

28 Pollution Prevention 

29 Low-level radioactive waste facilities 

30 Decommissioning nuclear power plant discharges
into the hudson river 

33 Pesticides 

34 Coastal erosion hazard areas 

35 Detergents and other household cleansing products 

36 Participation in Flood Insurance Programs 

37 Substances hazardous or acutely hazardous to
public health, safety or the environment 

38 Chlorofluorocarbon compounds 

39 Sewage system cleaners and additives used in
restricted geographical areas 
40 Hazardous Substances Bulk Storage Act 
41 Powers and duties of the department applicable
only to the sixth park region 

42 Historic Hudson-Hoosic Rivers Partnership 

43 Lake George Park Commission 

44 Hudson River Valley Greenway 

45 State Nature and Historical Preserve Trust 

46 Albany Pine Bush Preserve Commission

47 County and regional environmental management

48 Environmental justice 

49 Protection of natural and man-made beauty

51 Inplementation of Environmental
Quality Bond Act of 1972 

52 Implementation of Environmental
Quality Bond Act of 1986 

53 Tree conservation and urban forestry

54 Environmental Protection Act 

55 Sole source aquifer protection 

56 Implementation of the Clean Water/Clean Air
Bond Act of 1996 

57 Long Island Pine Barrens Maritime Reserve Act

58 Implementation of the "Clean Water, Clean Air,
and Green Jobs Environmental Bond Act of 2022"

70 Uniform procedures 

71 Enforcement

73 New York State canal flood mitigation task force 

75 Climate Change 

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