New York Law Enforcement Handbook: 2023 Edition

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LAST RELEASE DATE November 30, 2022
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New York Law Enforcement Handbook: 2023 Edition

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The newest Blue360° Media Edition includes a valuable presentation of New York Police Procedure: Arrest, Search and Seizure, and Confession Law as well as a listing of applicable sections affected by legislation during the latest session and an extensive index, table of contents, and the NYSACOP appendix for quick access to each area of the law and vital information.

***This title is eligible for our Blue360° Media Law Alert Updates!  This publication is updated electronically up to four times an edition with new and amended legislation. ***

Compiled with the help of experienced law enforcement personnel, the New York Law Enforcement Handbook provides officers with a finely tailored selection of essential, up-to-date New York statutes and New York Police Procedure: Arrest, Search and Seizure, and Confession Law. Thanks to our co-publisher, the New York State Association of Chiefs of Police, this Blue360° Media Edition now includes a special informational section—the New York “Blue Pages”—which provide:

  • cannabis reform law information
  • sample route alerting messages for emergency situations
  • syringe law resource and referrals for persons with addiction
  • order of protection notification system
  • traffic safety campaign dates

              In keeping with this book's legacy as a tried-and-true field reference, the unique Offense Classification Table maximizes ease of use. This table contains a wide-ranging list of common offenses, broken up into specific offense classifications (e.g., Class A-1 Felonies)—each of which refers the officer to specific code sections for quick access to the law. The main body of the book contains New York’s Penal Laws, Vehicle and Traffic Laws, Criminal Procedure Law, and select provisions of related statutes governing Controlled Substances, Alcoholic Beverages, Correction Law, Public Health, Mental Hygiene, and numerous other statutes that law enforcement officers, attorneys, and criminal justice professionals use most often. Also included are select provisions of New York City’s Administrative Code, Heath Code, Traffic rules, and more. In addition, the latest Blue360° Media Edition includes a listing of Legislative Highlights for this year’s statutory changes, along with an extensive index and table of contents for quick access to each area of the law.

Table of contents from 2021 Edition. For reference purposes only)

Offenses and Their Classifications for the Penal Law of New York

Penal Law
(Complete Law) 

Criminal Procedure Law
(Selected Sections) 

Vehicle and Traffic Law
(Selected Sections) 

Related N.Y.S. Consolidated Laws
Agriculture and Markets Law 
Alcoholic Beverage Control Law 
Civil Rights Law 
Correction Law 
Education Law 
Environmental Conservation Law
Family Court Act 
General Business Law 
Labor Law 
Mental Hygiene Law 
Navigation Law 
Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation Law
Personal Property Law 
Public Health Law 
Railroad Law 
Social Services Law 
Transportation Law 

Constitution of New York
Article I—Sections 2, 4, 5, 6, 8, 11, 12
Article VI—Section 18

U.S. Constitution
Amendments I, IV, V, VI, VIII, XIV

Related New York City Statutes
New York City Administrative Code 
New York City Health Code 
New York City Traffic Rules 
New York Codes, Rules and Regulations (MTA) 

NCIC Codes

Common Spanish Phrases


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