New York Penal and Criminal Procedure Law: 2025 Ed.

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New York Penal and Criminal Procedure Law: 2025 Ed.

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This statutory reference sets out the full text of both the New York Penal Law and the Criminal Procedure Law. All recent changes to the law are incorporated into the text and also set out in an easy-to-reference table with all the most important changes summarized. In addition to an extensive index, this newest edition from Blue360° Media also includes a valuable presentation of New York Search and Seizure Law, with coverage of Arrests, Confessions, and Privacy Expectations

***This title is eligible for our New Law Alert Updates! This publication is updated electronically up to four times an edition with new and amended legislation.***

Penal and Criminal Procedure Law of the State of New York is an easy-to-use, indispensable reference tool for all of New York’s law enforcement officials, attorneys, and criminal justice professionals. This single-volume statutory reference features a comprehensive and updated presentation of both New York’s Penal Law and Criminal Procedure Law, covering all aspects of statutory crimes, and the law governing arrests, warrants, evidence, witnesses, and judicial proceedings. 


In order to provide all necessary information as to enforcement of the drug laws, sections 3302, 3306, and 3307 of the Public Health Law, relating to the definitions and schedules of Controlled Substances, are also included.


All recent legislative changes are collected in an easy-to-reference table while summaries of the most important changes are helpfully summarized. This volume also contains an Active Shooter Response Checklist, a curated summary of landmark US Supreme Court cases most important for law enforcement, full indexing,  as well as a valuable presentation of New York Search and Seizure Law, with coverage of Arrests, Confessions, and Privacy Expectations


To ensure you remain up-to-date, this volume is also updated each quarter throughout the year with the newest legislative changes in the eBook and mobile application editions.

Table of Contents

Active Shooter Response Checklist

Landmark US Supreme Court Cases for Law Enforcement

Summary of Sections Affected by Recent Legislation

Table of Sections Affected by Recent Legislation

New York Search and Seizure Law

Penal Law

Part One: General Provisions

   Title A. General Purposes, Rules Of Construction, And Definitions

   Title B. Principles Of Criminal Liability

   Title C. Defenses

Part Two: Sentences

   Title E. Sentences

Part Three: Specific Offenses

   Title G. Anticipatory Offenses

   Title H. Offenses Against The Person Involving Physical Injury, Sexual Conduct, Restraint And Intimidation

   Title I. Offenses Involving Damage To And Intrusion Upon Property

   Title J. Offenses Involving Theft

   Title K. Offenses Involving Fraud

   Title L. Offenses Against Public Administration

   Title M. Offenses Against Public Health And Morals

   Title N. Offenses Against Public Order, Public Sensibilities And The Right To Privacy

   Title O. Offenses Against Marriage, The Family, And The Welfare Of Children And Incompetents

   Title P. Offenses Against Public Safety

Part Four: Administrative Provisions

   Title W. Provisions Relating To Firearms, Fireworks, Pornography Equipment And Vehicles Used In The

Transportation Of Gambling Records

   Title X. Organized Crime Control Act

   Title Y. Hate Crimes Act Of 2000

   Title Y-1. [Terrorism]*

   Title Y-2. Corrupting The Government

   Title Z. Laws Repealed; Time Of Taking Effect

Public Health Law

Article 33. Controlled Substances

   Title I. General Provisions 3302, 3306

Criminal Procedure Law

Part One: General Provisions

   Title A. Short Title, Applicability And Definitions

   Title B. The Criminal Courts

   Title C. General Principles Relating To Requirements For And Exemptions From Criminal Prosecution

   Title D. Rules Of Evidence, Standards Of Proof And Related Matters

Part Two: The Principal Proceedings

   Title H. Preliminary Proceedings In Local Criminal Court

   Title I. Preliminary Proceedings In Superior Court

   Title J. Prosecution Of Indictments In Superior Courts—Plea To Sentence

   Title K. Prosecution Of Informations In Local Criminal Courts—Plea To Sentence

   Title L. Sentence

   Title M. Proceedings After Judgment

Part Three: Special Proceedings And Miscellaneous Procedures

   Title P. Procedures For Securing Attendance At Criminal Actions And Proceedings Of Defendants And Witnesses Under Control Of Court—Recognizance, Bail And Commitment

   Title Q. Procedures For Securing Attendance At Criminal Actions And Proceedings Of Defendants Not

Securable By Conventional Means—And Related Matters

   Title R. Procedures For Securing Attendance Of Witnesses In Criminal Actions

   Title S. Procedures For Securing Testimony For Future Use, And For Using Testimony Given In A Prior


   Title T. Procedures For Securing Evidence By Means Of Court Order And For Suppressing Evidence

Unlawfully Or Improperly Obtained

   Title U. Special Proceedings Which Replace, Suspend Or Abate Criminal Actions


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