New York Town & Village Laws: 2024 Ed.

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New York Town & Village Laws: 2024 Ed.

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Certified by the State of New York, this law provides the villages and towns of NYS with a legal framework, enabling adoption of local legislation to meet their individual needs without the necessity for State legislation detailing specific powers.

  1. Short title; definitions


  1. Classification of towns


  1. Town officers, powers, duties and compensation

            3-A. Suburban town law

            3-B. Town manager

  1. Town boards


  1. Alteration of boundaries

5-A. Dissolution of certain towns


  1. Town elections


  1. Permissive referendum


  1. Finances


  1. Ordinances and licenses

          9-A. Self-supporting improvements


  1. Police


  1. Fire, fire alarm and fire protection districts

         11-A. Joint fire districts in towns and villages


  1. District and special improvements

           12-A. Establishment or extension of improvement

              districts--alternate procedure

          12-C. Sewer or water improvements

  1. Improvement district commissioners


  1. General improvements


  1. Financing of public improvements


  1. Zoning and planning


  1. Cemeteries


  1. Fences, strays and pounds


  1. Laws repealed; temporary provisions

           and saving clause

           Village Law Table of Contents

  1. Short Title


  1. Incorporation


  1. Officers and Elections


  1. Powers, Duties and Compensation of Officers


  1. Finances


  1. Streets, Sidewalks and Public Grounds


  1. Building Zones


  1. Police Department


  1. Permissive Referendum


  1. Fire Department


  1. Water


  1. Light


  1. Self-supporting Improvements


  1. Sewers


  1. Cemeteries


  1. Reincorporation


  1. Provisions Applicable to a Village

            Embracing the Entire Territory

            of a Town


  1. Alterations and Form of Government


  1. Actions Involving the Village; Ordinances


  1. Hearings


  1. Local Improvements

      22-a. Joint Fire Districts


  1. Construction; Laws Repealed;

Effective Date

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