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North Carolina Criminal & Traffic Law Manual

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Includes a valuable presentation of North Carolina Police Procedure: Arrest, Search and Seizure, and Confession Law, as well as a comprehensive presentation of North Carolina’s Criminal Law, Rules of Criminal Procedure, Motor Vehicle and Traffic Laws. Also included are key provisions in the Evidence Code, Juvenile Code, and various other statutes law enforcement and criminal justice professionals use most often.



In this definitive collection of law enforcement and criminal-justice related statutes, the North Carolina Criminal and Traffic Law Manual includes a Table of Sections Affected which may be utilized to facilitate research into recently enacted legislation affecting this Code. The manual also includes a valuable presentation of North Carolina Police Procedure: Arrest, Search and Seizure, and Confession Law. The publication also includes an extensive index and a table of contents for quick access to each area of the law.

The publication provides comprehensive coverage of North Carolina’s Criminal Law (Chapter 14), Criminal Procedure (Chapters 15, 15A), Motor Vehicle and Traffic Laws (Chapter 20), the Law of Evidence (Chapter 8, 8C), as well as relevant coverage of the Juvenile Code, Rules of Civil Procedure, Domestic Violence, Alcoholic Beverages, RICO, and hundreds of other selected provisions of related statutes, all fully annotated by case law applications and interpretations designed to enhance the practitioner’s constitutional and practical application of the relevant provisions. 


Sections Affected by Recent Legislation
Chapter 1. Civil Procedure
Chapter 1A. Rules of Civil Procedure
Chapter 1D. Punitive Damages
Chapter 4. Common Law
Chapter 5A. Contempt
Chapter 6. Liability for Court Costs
Chapter 7A. Judicial Department
Table of Comparable Sections for Chapters 7A and 7B
Chapter 7B. Juvenile Code
Chapter 8. Evidence
Chapter 8B. Interpreters for Deaf Persons
Chapter 8C. Evidence Code
Chapter 9. Jurors
Chapter 12. Statutory Construction
Chapter 13. Citizenship Restored
Chapter 14. Criminal Law
Chapter 15. Criminal Procedure
Chapter 15A. Criminal Procedure Act
Chapter 15B. Victims Compensation
Chapter 15C. Address Confidentiality Program
Chapter 17. Habeas Corpus
Chapter 17C. North Carolina Criminal Justice Education and Training Standards Commission
Chapter 17D. North Carolina Justice Academy
Chapter 17E. North Carolina Sheriff's Education and Training Standards Commission
Chapter 18B. Regulation of Alcoholic Beverages
Chapter 19. Offense Against Public Morals
Chapter 19A. Protection of Animals
Chapter 20. Motor Vehicles
Chapter 42. Landlord and Tenant
Chapter 49. Bastardy
Chapter 50B. Domestic Violence
Chapter 51. Marriage
Chapter 52C. Uniform Interstate Family Support Act
Chapter 58. Insurance
Chapter 62. Public Utilities
CHapter 62A. Public Safety Telephone Service and Wireless Telephone Service
Chapter 63. Aeronautics
Chapter 65. Cemeteries
Chapter 66. Commerce and Business
Chapter 67. Dogs
Chapter 68. Fences and Stock Law
Chapter 72. Inns, Hotels, and Restaurants
Chapter 74C. Private Protective Services
Chpater 74E. Company Police Act
Chapter 75A. Boating and Water Safety
Chapter 75D. Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations
Chapter 77. Rivers, Creeks, and Coastal Waters
Chapter 84. Attorneys-at-Law
Chapter 90. Medicine and Allied Occupations
Chapter 91A. Pawnbrokers Modernization Act of 1989
Chapter 97. Workers' Compensation Act
Chapter 99A. Civil Remedies for Criminal Actions
Chapter 103. Sundays, Holidays, and Special Days
Chapter 105. Taxation
Chapter 108A. Social Services
Chapter 110. Child Welfare
Chapter 113. Conservation and Development
Chapter 114. Department of Justice
Chapter 115C. Elementary and Secondary Education
Chapter 115D. Community Colleges
Chapter 116. Higher Education
Chapter 120. General Assembly
Chapter 122C. Mental Health, Developmental Disabilities, and Substance Abuse Act of 1985
Chapter 125. Libraries
Chapter 126. State Personnel System
Chapter 128. Offices and Public Officers
Chapter 130A. Public Health
Chapter 132. Public Records
Chapter 136. Roads and Highways
Chapter 143. State Departments, Institutions, and Commissions
Chapter 147. State Officers
Chapter 148. State Prison System
Chapter 152. Coroners
Chapter 153A. Counties
Chapter 160A. Cities and Towns
Chapter 162. Sheriff
Chapter 163. Elections and Election Laws

Constitution of North Carolina

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