North Dakota Criminal and Traffic Law Manual 2023 Edition

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LAST RELEASE DATE October 26, 2001
North Dakota Criminal and Traffic Law Manual 2023 Edition

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This Blue360° Media Edition includes a valuable presentation of North Dakota Police Procedure: Arrest, Search and Seizure, and Confession Law. Also featured are a comprehensive presentation of North Dakota’s Criminal Code, Motor Vehicle Code, Rules of Criminal Procedure, Juvenile Procedure and Evidence, and various other relevant statutes of law enforcement interest.

The North Dakota Criminal and Traffic Law Manual, designed for this State’s law enforcement and criminal justice professionals, features a full presentation of the Criminal Code (Title 12.1), Motor Vehicles Code (Title 39), along with the North Dakota Rules of Criminal Procedure, Juvenile Procedure, Evidence, and Criminal Judicial Procedure. To round out the presentation, numerous other key statutory provisions that law enforcement professionals and trial attorneys need most often has been included. The new Blue360° Media Edition also includes a listing of applicable sections affected by legislation during the latest regular session, along with an extensive index and table of contents for quick access to each area of the law.

Selected provisions from the North Dakota Century Code with material from: 
•    Title 5. Alcoholic Beverages
•    Title 6. Banks and Banking
•    Title 8. Carriage
•    Title 10. Corporations
•    Title 11. Counties
•    Title 12. Corrections, Parole, and Probation
•    Title 12.1. Criminal Code
•    Title 14. Domestic Relations and Persons
•    Title 19. Foods, Drugs, Oils, and Compounds
•    Title 20.1. Game, Fish, Predators, and Boating
•    Title 23. Health and Safety
•    Title 25. Mental and Physical Illness or Disability
•    Title 27. Judicial Branch of Government
•    Title 28. Judicial Procedure, Civil
•    Title 29. Judicial Procedure, Criminal
•    Title 31. Judicial Proof
•    Title 32. Judicial Remedies
•    Title 39. Motor Vehicles
•    Title 40. Municipal Government
•    Title 43. Occupations and Professions
•    Title 44. Offices and Officers
•    Title 49. Public Utilities
•    Title 50. Public Welfare
•    Title 51. Sales and Exchanges
•    Title 53. Sports and Amusements
•    Title 54. State Government
•    Title 57. Taxation
•    Title 58. Townships
•    Title 62.1. Weapons
•    North Dakota Rules of Criminal Procedure
•    North Dakota Rules of Juvenile Procedure
•    North Dakota Rules of Evidence
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