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Introduction to Policing - First Edition




First Edition




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Joe Mazza

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November 21, 2019

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This publication offers the foundational material satisfying the New Jersey Police Training Commission’s standards for the Basic Course for Police Officers (BCPO) while also providing required material used in typical college-level criminal justice courses. This manual enhances the depth of material covered, identifies primary sources of information, and offers practical advice based on the experiences of seasoned officers.




About the Author

Chapter 1. Introduction

1-1. History

1-2. Notes

Chapter 2. Basic Search and Seizure Principles

2-1. What Constitutes a Search under the Fourth Amendment?

2-2. What Constitutes a Seizure under the Fourth Amendment?

2-3. Does the Search and Seizure Involve a Government Agent?

2-4. Who Is Protected by the Fourth Amendment?

2-5. The Law In Action: Case Study

2-6. Notes

Chapter 3. Search Warrants

3-1. Introduction

3-2. Basic Search Warrant Terminology

3-3. Probable Cause: What Is Sufficient Information to Justify a Search or Seizure?

3-4. Anticipatory Warrants

3-5. Search Warrant Attacks

3-6. Redaction of Search Warrants

3-7. The Fourth Amendment Exclusionary Rule

3-8. Exceptions to the Exclusionary Rule

3-9. Particularity Requirements in Drafting Warrants

3-10. Particularly Describing the Persons or Things to Be Searched

3-12. The Guts of the Affidavit

3-13. A Short Course in Grammar and Power Writing

3-14. Execution Concerns

3-15. The Law In Action: Case Studies/Summary Questions

3-16. Notes

Chapter 4. Search Warrant Exceptions

4-1. Introduction

4-2. Search Incident to Arrest

4-3. Consent

4-4. Inventory Searches

4-5. Automobile Exception

4-6. Exigent Circumstances

4-7. Plain View

4-8. Administrative Searches

4-9. Special Government Interests (Special Needs)

4-10. Community Caretaking

4-11. Notes

Chapter 5. Field Interviews / Investigative Detentions by Police Officers

5-1. Introduction

5-2. Stopping a Citizen

5-3. What Constitutes Specific and Articulable Facts

5-4. Stopping and Frisking a Citizen

5-5. Scope of the Stop and Frisk Search

5-6. Stopping an Automobile

5-7. Reasonable Articulable Suspicion

5-8. Information from Third Party

5-9. Pretextual Stops

5-10. Temporary Detention Based on Reasonable Suspicion

5-11. Ordering Passengers Out of Vehicle

5-12. Warrantless Entry into Driver's Home

5-13. Warrantless Entry into Private Driveways

5-14. Warrantless Seizure of Blood

5-15. Notes

Chapter 6. Key Holdings from Major U.S. Supreme Court Search and Seizure Cases