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Introduction to Law Enforcement & Criminal Justice - First Edition Pre-Order





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Joe Mazza

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November 20, 2019

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About the Author

Chapter 1. Introduction

1-1. History

1-2. Notes

Chapter 2. Basic Search and Seizure Principles

2-1. What Constitutes a Search under the Fourth Amendment?

2-2. What Constitutes a Seizure under the Fourth Amendment?

2-3. Does the Search and Seizure Involve a Government Agent?

2-4. Who Is Protected by the Fourth Amendment?

2-5. The Law In Action: Case Study

2-6. Notes

Chapter 3. Search Warrants

3-1. Introduction

3-2. Basic Search Warrant Terminology

3-3. Probable Cause: What Is Sufficient Information to Justify a Search or Seizure?

3-4. Anticipatory Warrants

3-5. Search Warrant Attacks

3-6. Redaction of Search Warrants

3-7. The Fourth Amendment Exclusionary Rule

3-8. Exceptions to the Exclusionary Rule

3-9. Particularity Requirements in Drafting Warrants

3-10. Particularly Describing the Persons or Things to Be Searched

3-12. The Guts of the Affidavit

3-13. A Short Course in Grammar and Power Writing

3-14. Execution Concerns

3-15. The Law In Action: Case Studies/Summary Questions

3-16. Notes

Chapter 4. Search Warrant Exceptions

4-1. Introduction

4-2. Search Incident to Arrest

4-3. Consent

4-4. Inventory Searches

4-5. Automobile Exception

4-6. Exigent Circumstances

4-7. Plain View

4-8. Administrative Searches

4-9. Special Government Interests (Special Needs)

4-10. Community Caretaking

4-11. Notes

Chapter 5. Field Interviews / Investigative Detentions by Police Officers

5-1. Introduction

5-2. Stopping a Citizen

5-3. What Constitutes Specific and Articulable Facts

5-4. Stopping and Frisking a Citizen

5-5. Scope of the Stop and Frisk Search

5-6. Stopping an Automobile

5-7. Reasonable Articulable Suspicion

5-8. Information from Third Party

5-9. Pretextual Stops

5-10. Temporary Detention Based on Reasonable Suspicion

5-11. Ordering Passengers Out of Vehicle

5-12. Warrantless Entry into Driver's Home

5-13. Warrantless Entry into Private Driveways

5-14. Warrantless Seizure of Blood

5-15. Notes

Chapter 6. Key Holdings from Major U.S. Supreme Court Search and Seizure Cases