Official New Mexico Statutes 1978 Annotated: 2024 Ed.

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Official New Mexico Statutes 1978 Annotated: 2024 Ed.

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The 2024 NMSA 1978™ in print is exclusively available from Blue360° Media. This 14-volume cumulative set is up to date through the 2024 NMSA laws enacted through the Second Regular Session of the Fifty-Sixth Legislature (2024) and annotation

The publication includes all the laws of the State of New Mexico, the New Mexico Constitution, U.S. Constitution, and historical documents.  Further, the set includes research tables, history, compiler’s notes, annotations, cross-references, and an index.  

The fully secure mobile application is accessible through your iPhone, Android, or computer. All electronic copies of the NMSA 1978 ™ provide easy access with a linkable table of contents and the ability to search the statutes for key terms.  

This set updates New Mexico Statutes Annotated, 1978 Compilation (NMSA 1978), through the legislation enacted at the Second Regular Session of the 56th Legislature (2024). All permanent, general laws have been compiled. Other laws, such as applicability and severability clauses, have been noted in the annotations in the NMSA 1978 and published in the official Session Laws. Appropriations and bond authorizations, which are not compiled in the NMSA 1978, are also published in the official Session Laws.

The effect of amendments to the NMSA 1978 are given in brief form in a note following the amended section. The effective date of amendments and new laws compiled in the NMSA 1978 appears in a note following each section.

Laws enacted without a specific effective date, or without an emergency clause, take effect pursuant to N.M. Const., Article IV, § 23 ninety (90) days after adjournment of the legislature. The effective date of the 2024 laws that took effect pursuant to Article IV, § 23 is May 15, 2024. Legislation that was compiled, but had not taken effect at the time that the 2024 laws were printed, appears in italics to call attention to its postponed effectiveness. The effective date of these sections with postponed effective dates may be found in parentheses in the section headings. Sections that have been repealed by the legislature with an effective date after October, 2024 are published with the repeal dates in the heading at the beginning of the sections.

 New Mexico
Statutes 1978 Annotated
Volume 1
The Constitution of the United States of America
The Constitution of the State of New Mexico
New Mexico Territorial Laws and Treaties
Volume 2
Chapter 1: Elections
Chapter 2: Legislative Branch
Chapter 3: Municipalities
Chapter 4: Counties
Chapter 5: Municipalities and Counties
Volume 3
Chapter 6: Public Finances
Chapter 7: Taxation
Volume 4
Chapter 8: Elected Officials
Chapter 9: Executive Department
Chapter 10: Public Officers and Employees
Chapter 11: Intergovernmental Agreements and Authorities
Chapter 12: Miscellaneous Public Affairs Matters
Chapter 13: Public Purchases and Property
Chapter 14: Records, Rules, Legal Notices, Oaths
Chapter 15: Administration of Government
Volume 5
Chapter 16: Parks, Recreation and Fairs
Chapter 17: Game and Fish and Outdoor Recreation
Chapter 18: Libraries, Museums and Cultural Properties
Chapter 19: Public Lands
Chapter 20: Military Affairs
Chapter 21: State and Private Education Institutions
Chapter 22: Public Schools
Chapter 22A: Other Public School Laws [Recompiled.]
Volume 6
Chapter 23: State Health Institutions
Chapter 24: Health and Safety
Chapter 25: Food
Chapter 26: Drugs and Cosmetics
Chapter 27: Public Assistance
Chapter 28: Human Rights
Chapter 29: Law Enforcement
Chapter 30: Criminal Offenses
Chapter 31: Criminal Procedure
Volume 7
Chapter 32: Children's Code [Repealed.]
Chapter 32A: Children's Code
Chapter 33: Correctional Institutions
Chapter 34: Court Structure and Administration
Chapter 35: Magistrate and Municipal Courts
Chapter 36: Attorneys
Chapter 37: Limitation of Actions; Abatement and Revivor
Chapter 38: Trials
Chapter 39: Judgments, Costs, Appeals
Chapter 40: Domestic Affairs
Chapter 41: Torts
Volume 8
Chapter 42: Actions and Proceedings Relating to Property
Chapter 42A: Condemnation Proceedings
Chapter 43: Commitment Procedures
Chapter 44: Miscellaneous Civil Law Matters
Chapter 45: Uniform Probate Code
Chapter 46: Fiduciaries and Trusts
Chapter 46A: Uniform Trust Code
Chapter 46B: Uniform Power of Attorney Act
Chapter 47: Property Law
Chapter 48: Liens and Mortgages
Chapter 49: Land Grants
Chapter 50: Employment Law
Chapter 51: Unemployment Compensation
Chapter 52: Workers' Compensation
Volume 9
Chapter 53: Corporations
Chapter 54: Partnerships
Chapter 55: Uniform Commercial Code
Chapter 56: Commercial Instruments and Transactions
Chapter 57: Trade Practices and Regulations
Volume 10
Chapter 58: Financial Institutions and Regulations
Chapter 59: Insurance [Repealed.]
Chapter 59A: Insurance Code
Volume 11
Chapter 60: Business Licenses
Chapter 61: Professional and Occupational Licenses
Chapter 62: Electric, Gas and Water Utilities
Volume 12
Chapter 63: Railroads and Communications
Chapter 64: Aeronautics
Chapter 65: Motor Carriers
Chapter 66: Motor Vehicles
Chapter 67: Highways
Chapter 68: Timber
Chapter 69: Mines
Chapter 70: Oil and Gas
Chapter 71: Energy and Minerals
Volume 13
Chapter 72: Water Law
Chapter 73: Special Districts
Chapter 74: Environmental Improvement
Chapter 75: Miscellaneous Natural Resource Matters
Chapter 76: Agriculture
Chapter 77: Animals and Livestock
Short Title/Common Name Index
Executive Agency Index
State Agency Funds Index
Criminal Offenses Index
General Index

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