Ohio Traffic Law Handbook: 2024 Edition

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Ohio Traffic Law Handbook: 2024 Edition

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Features the full text of Title 45, the Ohio Motor Vehicles Law, as well as hundreds of other related statutes, rules, and administrative code provisions related to motor vehicles and traffic enforcement. Also included is Search and Seizure Law, with coverage of Arrests, Confessions, and Privacy Expectations which provides a clear and comprehensive approach to the study of modern constitutional criminal procedure

The newest Blue360 Media edition of the Ohio Traffic Law Handbook features the full text of Title 45 (Ohio Motor Vehicles Law) as well as hundreds of other related statutes, rules, and administrative code provisions that our research team have found to be a law enforcement officers best friend for motor vehicle and traffic enforcement matters. This book includes Search and Seizure Law, with coverage of Arrests, Confessions, and Privacy Expectations, which provides a clear and comprehensive approach to the study of modern constitutional criminal procedure. It analyzes the classical and current United States Supreme Court and federal circuit court decisions, along with relevant state court decisions that impact the day-to-day duties of law enforcement and criminal justice professionals.  Search and Seizure Law removes the guesswork in, and tedious search for, “today’s law.” Search and Seizure Law is an officer’s, attorney’s or law/criminal justice student’s or professor’s valuable reference for the Laws of Arrest, Confessions, and Privacy Expectations.

(Table of Content from 2023 edition. For informational purposes only.)

Ohio Revised Code General Provisions
  Chapter 9 Miscellaneous
Title 45 Motor Vehicles — Aeronautics — Watercraft
  Chapter 4501 Motor Vehicles — Definitions; General Provisions
  Chapter 4503 Licensing of Motor Vehicles
  Chapter 4504 Local Motor Vehicle License Tax
  Chapter 4505 Certificate of Motor Vehicle Title Law
  Chapter 4506 Commercial Driver’s Licensing
  Chapter 4507 Driver’s License Law
  Chapter 4508 Driver Training Schools
  Chapter 4509 Financial Responsibility
  Chapter 4510 Driver’s License Suspension, Cancellation, Revocation
  Chapter 4511 Traffic Laws — Operation of Motor Vehicles
  Chapter 4513 Traffic Laws — Equipment; Loads
  Chapter 4515 Venue; Guest Statute
  Chapter 4516 Peer-to-Peer Car Sharing
  Chapter 4517 Motor Vehicle Dealers, Auction Owners, and Salespersons
  Chapter 4519 Special Vehicles
  Chapter 4521 Local, Noncriminal Parking Infractions
  Chapter 4549 Motor Vehicle Crimes
Miscellaneous Related Statutes
Title 1. State Government
  Chapter 119. Administrative Procedure
Title 3. Counties
  Chapter 311. Sheriff
  Chapter 313. Coroner
Title 5. Townships
  Chapter 505. Trustees
Title 7. Municipal Corporations
  Chapter 715. General Powers
  Chapter 737. Public Safety
Title 13. Commercial Transactions — Other Commercial Transactions
  Chapter 1345. Consumer Sales Practices
Title 15. Conservation Of Natural Resources
  Chapter 1533. Hunting; Fishing
Title 19. Courts — Municipal — Mayor’s — County
  Chapter 1901. Municipal Court
  Chapter 1905. Mayor’s Court
  Chapter 1907. County Court — General Provisions
Title 21. Courts — Probate — Juvenile
  Chapter 2151. Juvenile Court
  Chapter 2152. Delinquent Children; Juvenile Traffic Offenders
Title 27. Courts — General Provisions — Special Remedies
  Chapter 2703. Service of Summons
Title 29. Crimes — Procedure
  Chapter 2903. Homicide and Assault
  Chapter 2909. Arson and Related Offenses
  Chapter 2913. Theft and Fraud
  Chapter 2917. Offenses Against the Public Peace
  Chapter 2921. Offenses Against Justice and Public Administration
  Chapter 2923. Conspiracy, Attempt, and Complicity; Weapons Control; Corrupt Activity
  Chapter 2929. Penalties and Sentencing
  Chapter 2935. Arrest, Citation, and Disposition Alternatives
  Chapter 2937. Preliminary Examination; Bail
  Chapter 2943. Arraignment; Pleas
  Chapter 2945. Trial
  Chapter 2947. Judgment; Sentence
  Chapter 2949. Execution of Sentence
  Chapter 2951. Probation
  Chapter 2953. Appeals; Other Postconviction Remedies
Title 37. Health — Safety — Morals
  Chapter 3704. Air Pollution Control
Title 39. Insurance
  Chapter 3937. Casualty Insurance; Motor Vehicle Insurance
Title 43. Liquor
  Chapter 4301. Liquor Control Law
Title 49. Public Utilities
  Chapter 4907. Public Utilities Commission — Railroad Powers
  Chapter 4999. Crimes Relating to Railroads
Title 53. Real Property
  Chapter 5322. Storage Facilities
Title 55. Roads — Highways — Bridges
  Chapter 5501. Department of Transportation
  Chapter 5502. Department of Public Safety
  Chapter 5503. State Highway Patrol
  Chapter 5515. State Highways — Use; Obstruction
  Chapter 5516. Advertising on Interstate Highways
  Chapter 5537. Turnpike Commission
  Chapter 5547. County Highways — Use; Obstruction
  Chapter 5577. Load Limits on Highways
  Chapter 5589. Offenses Relating to Highways
Title 57. Taxation
  Chapter 5728. Fuel Use Tax
  Chapter 5736. Motor Fuel Supplier Tax
  Ohio Traffic Rules
  Ohio Rules of Criminal Procedure
  Ohio Rules of Evidence
  Miscellaneous Ohio Administrative Code Provisions
General Index

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