Oregon Criminal Law Manual: 2023-2024 Ed.

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Oregon Criminal Law Manual: 2023-2024 Ed.

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The 2024 edition of the Oregon Criminal Law Manual features relevant statutes updated through the 2023 Oregon Legislative Session. Includes the full text of Titles 4, 13, 16, 20, 30, 34-38, 41 and partial coverage of Titles 14-15, 18 and 48. It also contains the complete Search and Seizure Law, with coverage of Arrests, Confessions, and Privacy Expectations.

The 2024 edition of the Oregon Criminal Law Manual includes: Full text of Title 4 (Evidence and Witnesses), Title 13 (Protective Proceedings; Powers of Attorney; Trusts), Title 16 (Crimes and Punishments), Title 20 (Counties and County Officers, Title 30 (Education and Culture), Title 34 (Human Services; Juvenile Code; Corrections), Title 35 (Mental Health/ and Developmental Disabilities; Substance Use Disorder Treatment), Title 36 (Public Health and Safety), Title 37 (Alcoholic Liquors; Controlled Substances; Drugs), Title 38 (Protection from Fire), Title 41 (Wildlife), and relevant portions of Title 14 (Procedures in Criminal Matters Generally), Title 15 (Procedure in Criminal Actions in Justice Courts), Title 18 (Executive Branch; Organization), and Title 48 (Animals). This book also includes Search and Seizure Law, with coverage of Arrests, Confessions, and Privacy Expectations, which provides a clear and comprehensive approach to the study of modern constitutional criminal procedure. It analyzes the classical and current United States Supreme Court and federal circuit court decisions, along with relevant state court decisions that impact the day-to-day duties of law enforcement and criminal justice professionals.  Search and Seizure Law removes the guesswork in, and tedious search for, “today’s law.” Search and Seizure Law is an officer’s, attorney’s or law/criminal justice student’s or professor’s valuable reference for the Laws of Arrest, Confessions, and Privacy Expectations.All statutes are current through the 2024 Oregon Legislative Session. 

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