Pennsylvania Criminal and Vehicle Law Field Guide: 2024 Edition

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Pennsylvania Criminal and Vehicle Law Field Guide: 2024 Edition

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Clearly and conveniently sets forth concise summaries of the material elements, section numbers and penalties of the most important and commonly used criminal and motor vehicle laws of Pennsylvania.

The latest Blue360° Media Edition of the Pennsylvania Criminal and Vehicle Law Field Guide is an easy-to-use, indispensable reference tool for all of Pennsylvania’s law enforcement officers and criminal justice professionals. This conveniently-sized Field Guide clearly and concisely sets forth the material elements of the most important and commonly charged statutes from Pennsylvania’s Crime’s Code (Title 18), Vehicle Code (Title 75), and Chapter 6 (Controlled Substances) of the Health & Safety Code (Title 35), along with presenting the penalties for each offense and valuable Case Notes identifying relevant court decisions for quick reference and analysis. An Offense/Violations Table and a Driver Violation Point System Guide have been included to help the user quickly find motor vehicle offenses, section numbers, penalties and points attached to relevant violations. Whether you are a law enforcement professional purchasing a single copy of this guide or a supervisor purchasing copies for your whole department, this reference will rapidly become a dependable and essential part of your gear bag. The Field Guide is the perfect companion to the Pennsylvania Criminal and Vehicle Code Manual, which contains the full text of the statutes referenced here.


CRIMES CODE. Title 18.

Chapter 9. Inchoate Crimes

Chapter 25. Homicide

Chapter 26. Crimes Against Unborn Child

Chapter 27. Assault

Chapter 29. Kidnapping

Chapter 30. Human Trafficking

Chapter 31. Sexual Offenses

Chapter 33. Arson, Criminal Mischief, & Other Property Destruction

Chapter 35. Burglary & Criminal Trespass

Chapter 37. Robbery

Chapter 39. Theft & Related Offenses

Chapter 41. Forgery

Chapter 43. Offenses Against the Family

Chapter 47. Bribery and Corrupt Influence

Chapter 49. Falsification & Intimidation

Chapter 51. Obstructing Governmental Operations

Chapter 55. Riot, Disorderly Conduct, & Related Offenses

Chapter 59. Public Indecency

Chapter 61. Firearms

Chapter 63. Minors

Chapter 65. Nuisances

Chapter 67. Proprietary and Official Rights

Chapter 69. Public Utilities

Chapter 73. Trade and Commerce

Chapter 75. Other Offenses

Chapter 76. Computer Offenses

Chapter 77. Vehicle Chop Shops


Title 35. Health and Safety

Chapter 6. The Controlled Substance, Drug, Device, and Cosmetic Act



Part II. Title, Registration & Licensing

Chapter 13. Registration

Chapter 15. Licensing of Drivers

Chapter 17. Financial Responsibility


Part III. Operation of Vehicles

Chapter 31. General Provisions

Chapter 33. Rules of the Road

Chapter 35. Special Vehicles & Pedestrians

Chapter 37. Miscellaneous Provisions

Chapter 38. Driving After Imbibing Alcohol or Using Drugs


Part IV. Vehicle Characteristics

              Chapter 43. Lighting Equipment

              Chapter 45. Required Equipment

              Chapter 47. Inspection Requirements


Part V. Administration & Enforcement

              Chapter 65. Penalties



Offenses/Violations Chart

Relevant Calendars

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