A Practical Career Guide for Criminal Justice Professionals

AUTHOR Michael Carpenter; Roger Fulton
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A Practical Career Guide for Criminal Justice Professionals

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One of the keys to achieving success is to know how to effectively pursue it. Learn how - with this easy to understand roadmap to success.
Explore Real-World Situations with Those Who Have "Been There".
Chapters include:
★ Working Towards Promotion
★ Career Development
★ Preparing for Promotional Exams & Oral Boards
★ Management Styles & Theories
★ Leadership Skills

1: Introduction
2: You and Your Current Position
3: Working Towards Promotion
4: Preparing for Promotional Exams and Oral Boards
5: Role of the Supervisor (Part I)
6: Role of the Supervisor (Part II)
7: Management Styles and Theories (Part I)
8: Management Styles and Theories (Part II)
9: Leadership Skills (Part I)
10: Leadership Skills (Part II)
11: Supervisory Response to Critical Incidents (Part I)
12: Supervisory Response to Critical Incidents (Part II)
13: Media Relations
14: Communications
15: Documentation
16: Motivation and Morale
17: Personnel Problems
18: Discrimination
19: Sexual Harassment
20: Coaching and Discipline
21: Personnel Evaluations 
22: Time Management
23: Decision-Making 
24: Risk Management 
25: Setting the Example 
26: Ethics 
27: Career Development 
28: Your ‘Running Resume’ 
29: Planning a Successful Second Career 
30: Conclusion 

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