Responding to Incidents Involving Persons with Special Needs

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AUTHOR Barbara J. Morvay
Responding to Incidents Involving Persons with Special Needs

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Encountering a person with special needs is virtually inevitable. Are you prepared for the associated challenges?

Your career may depend on it!!


This unique and comprehensive book will prepare you to handle incidents involving persons with special needs while still meeting the responsibilities of your job. Knowing how to respond can help you avoid a chaotic, controversial, and potentially dangerous situation that could hit headlines and blow up on social media.

As a learning bonus, each chapter includes a helpful summary of KEY POINTS - great for training!

Included inside:
♦ Characteristics and descriptions of disabilities AND other special needs. From Autism to Alzheimer's Disease, Mental Illness to Drug Addiction, it's all covered.
♦ Appropriate terminology and the requirements of the federal laws.
♦ Step-by-step examples, vital tips, and practical guidelines.


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