Rock-Solid Police Reports That Win in Court

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AUTHOR Andie Hunter
Rock-Solid Police Reports That Win in Court

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Want to improve your report writing to the point where you might even enjoy it?

Let a professionally trained writer AND experienced police detective help!

Det. Andie Metzger understands the challenges, frustrations and pitfalls of report writing better than most! As a top journalism graduate and successful police officer, she masterfully combines both "worlds" to teach veteran and new officers how to:

  • Consistently establish the hard-to-find balance between too much information and not enough.
  • Use the 5-step "outline approach" to help reports flow sequentially and understandably.
  • Avoid falling victim to the more than 80 commonly misused words and phrases that can dimish credibility and weaken reports.
  • Use strategically developed photography techniques to strengthen your case.
  • Ensure that the use of street jargon doesn't confuse jurors and weaken report clarity.
  • Avoid stepping over the fine line between stating facts and drawing conclusions in your reports.

It's a fact: Reports can make or break cases. Make sure yours are Rock-Solid!

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