South Dakota Criminal & Traffic Law Manual: 2023-2024 Edition

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CURRENT EDITION 2023-2024 Edition
PAGES 1450
LAST RELEASE DATE August 28, 2023
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South Dakota Criminal & Traffic Law Manual: 2023-2024 Edition

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The 2023-2024 edition of the South Dakota Criminal and Traffic Manual is a compilation of selected statutes enacted through the 2023 Regular Session of the South Dakota Legislature. It also includes coverage of Search and Seizure Law which provides a clear and comprehensive approach to the study of modern constitutional criminal procedure.

The South Dakota Criminal and Traffic Law Manual is an invaluable resource for South Dakota law enforcement and criminal justice professionals, including criminal justice students and instructors. The manual features a comprehensive collection of statutes related to crimes (Title 22), law enforcement (Title 23), criminal procedure (Title 23A), motor vehicles (Title 32), and other related statutes. 


Key features of the South Dakota Criminal and Traffic Law Manual include—


  • Coverage of Search and Seizure Law
  • Legislative Highlights
  • Table of Sections Affected by the Recent Legislative Session
  • Subject-Matter Index
  • Active Shooter Response Checklist for Patrol Officers
  • Key U.S. Supreme Court Cases for Law Enforcement


Constitution of South Dakota

Title 1. State Affairs and Government

Title 11. Planning, Zoning and Housing Programs

Title 12. Elections

Title 13. Education

Title 16. Courts and Judiciary

Title 19. Evidence

Title 20. Personal Rights and Obligations

Title 21. Judicial Remedies

Title 22. Crimes

Title 23. Law Enforcement

Title 23A. Criminal Procedure

Title 24. Penal Institutions, Probation and Parole

Title 25. Domestic Relations

Title 26. Minors

Title 27A. Mentally Ill Persons

Title 27B. Developmentally Disabled Persons

Title 32. Motor Vehicles

Title 34. Public Health and Safety

Title 34A. Environmental Protection

Title 35. Alcoholic Beverages

Title 37. Trade Regulations

Title 40. Animals and Livestock

Title 41. Game, Fish, Parks and Forestry

Title 42. Recreation and Sports

Title 43. Property

Title 49. Public Utilities and Carriers

Title 50. Aviation

Title 60. Labor and Employment


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