Special Needs Training for Law Enforcement with Interactive Quizzer: 2024 Ed.

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Special Needs Training for Law Enforcement with Interactive Quizzer: 2024 Ed.

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This unique and comprehensive set by Barbara J. Morvay and Larry E. Holtz, will prepare police officers and other first responders to appropriately handle incidents involving persons with special needs while still meeting the responsibilities of the job. Knowing how to respond will help avoid a chaotic, controversial, and potentially dangerous situation that could harm vulnerable persons, hit headlines, and blow up on social media. This set includes Special Needs Populations: Incident Response plus the Implementation Guide: Special Needs Populations; Exam Strategies, Interactive Quizzer with Practice Test Questions & Answers + Instructional Learning Tools.  

The Special Needs Populations: Incident Response recommendations and best practices for how to avoid simple but potentially dangerous mistakes which can lead  to harm, injury or chaos. The book is an instructional resource with relevant examples  from current events, including step-by-step methods using practical and vital tips for  effective and safe interaction. The book provides explanations and the characteristics  of a variety of disabilities and other special needs, such as physical, mental,  psychological, as well as other factors that may require a specialized response. From  Autism to Alzheimer’s and Dementia, Mental Illness to Drug Addiction, Deaf and  Hearing Impaired to Blind and Visually Impaired, Learning Disabilities, Orthopedic  Impairments, and difficult Breathing Issues, it’s all covered. Appropriate terminology  and explanations of the federal laws and guidelines that must be followed to ensure  compliance and an important review of the appropriate terminology related to special  needs. The text includes specially designed interviewing techniques and strategies to  use when interacting with persons with special needs, including specific and  comprehensive guidance for interviews, confessions, and Miranda; obtaining consent  to search; and report writing. As an added learning bonus, a critical summary of KEY  POINTS is included at the end of each chapter to help facilitate learning, increase  understanding, and strengthen retention.  

The Implementation Guide provides a cohesive and thorough study guide for all levels of professionals, from law enforcement, fire fighters and other first   responders, to academy recruits and graduate students, prosecutors and defense   attorneys, and everyone in-between. It provides an extensive course introduction   and syllabus with guided learning objectives, instructional topics, sample semester   schedules, and detailed time-specific requirements, along with reading and writing   assignments. As more and more states adopt considerable legislative and   administrative requirements to appropriately address special needs populations, the  mandate will progress from instruction to testing. Special needs is sure to become   integrated into testing protocols, performance evaluations, and the proper   measurement of one’s knowledge, skills and abilities in this area. This is the   rationale behind the extensive Exam Study Guide component of this training   module, which provides comprehensive questions, test taking strategies and   detailed insight and answer analysis. The Special Needs Population, Incident   Response text plus the Implementation Guide will provide all the essentials for   fulfilling the legislative and administrative requirements as specified by each state.   These two books will assist law enforcement and other professionals with the   essential tools necessary for mastery in this unique and challenging field.


  Larry E. Holtz received his Bachelor of Arts Degree in Criminal Justice from Temple  University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, graduating Summa Cum Laude. He   received his Juris Doctorate from Temple University School of Law, graduating in the  top ten percent of his class.


  Formerly a Sergeant of Detectives with the Atlantic City Police Department, an   assistant county prosecutor, and a Deputy Attorney General, Mr. Holtz is presently   an attorney specializing in police administrative matters. He has served as the   Municipal Prosecutor for several towns, and as the Director of Holtz Learning   Centers, a professional law enforcement school for continuing legal and criminal   justice education and training. He has also served as a police instructor with   numerous police academies, taught at two universities as an Adjunct Professor of   Law at Widener University School of Law in Delaware, and Adjunct Professor of   Criminal Justice at Rowan University in Glassboro, New Jersey.


  Barbara J. Morvay has been an educator for over 37 years. She began her career   with dual certification as a teacher of the disabled and a speech therapist.  She has served on numerous educational boards, both public and private. She later   became an administrator of special education, supervising and coordinating all Child  Study Team Services, Psychologists, Learning Consultants, Social Workers, Speech   Therapists, Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Nurses, and Adaptive   Physical Education Teachers. She served as a Principal, and School Business   Administrator of a special needs district. She later became the School   Superintendent of a county school district that serviced children with special needs   ages 3 through 21.


  Ms. Morvay has a Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree in Education. She holds numerous  professional certifications, which include Teacher, Speech, Principal, Supervisor,   Assistant Superintendent for Business, Chief School Administrator, Superintendent,

Certified Highly Skilled Professional, Certified School Administrator Mentor, as well as a Certified School Business Administrator Mentor. She has taught at both a   college for undergraduate studies and a university in a Master’s level program, as   well as providing expert testimony in selected cases.


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