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The Ideal Employee, Understanding and Dealing with Personality Tests





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A significant and fast growing trend in both the private and public sector hiring and promotion processes is the use of Personality Tests as a screening device to help employers select those who are hired and/or promoted.


Frank Lombardo

Frank Lombardo is a retired Deputy Inspector of the New York City Police Department who has also worked with the San Francisco Police Department with assignments that included patrol, vice/narcotics criminal investigations, and staff assignments such as personnel. His classroom experience consists of teaching at John Jay College of Criminal Justice and St. John's University. The coauthor of several texts on police entry and promotional exams, he has been a consultant to civil service agencies in the writing, administration, and scoring of exams. Currently engaged in the tutoring of candidates for police promotion

Dr. Donald Schroeder

Dr. Donald Schroeder holds a Ph.D. in Criminal Justice. He is also a retired Police Captain, having held both field and staff assignments in the New York City Police Department. One such staff assignment involved his acting as police liaison from the New York City Police Department to the Educational Testing Service of Princeton, New Jersey. He has taught criminal justice subjects at John Jay College and has co-authored several texts on police promotion. Dr. Schroeder has acted as a consultant to governmental personnel agencies throughout the country, assisting them in the preparation, administration, and evaluation of criminal justice promotional examinations. At the present, Dr. Schroeder provides assistance to individuals and study groups competing in management assessment exercises.


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Section One

Chapter One: Understanding the Personality Test Process

Chapter Two: Personality Test Discussion Issues; Understanding and Dealing With Them

Section Two

Chapter Three: Practice Examination # 1

Section Three: Attitude of the Ideal Employee

Chapter Four: Core Value Number One -- Interpersonal Relations

Chapter Five: Core Value Number Two -- Teamwork

Chapter Six: Core Value Number Three -- Motivation

Chapter Seven: Core Value Number Four -- False Image Control

Section Four: Perceptions of the Ideal Employee

Chapter Eight: Core Value Number Five -- Resiliency

Chapter Nine: Core Value Number Six -- Integrity

Chapter Ten: Core Value Number Seven – Leadership

Section Five: Expectations of the Ideal Employee

Capter Eleven: Core Value Number Eight --Decision Making

Chapter Twelve: Core Value Number Nine -- Planning

Chapter Thirteen: Core Value Number Ten -- Confidence

Section Six

Chapter Fourteen: Practice Examination # 2

Chapter Fifteen: Practice Examination # 3

Section Seven

Chapter Sixteen: The Week Before Your Test

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