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Utah Criminal & Traffic Code 2021 Edition - Pre-Order

Utah Criminal & Traffic Code 2021 Edition - Pre-Order

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This one-volume reference offers the most comprehensive collection of statutes relating to law enforcement issues in the state. Features of this reference include:

  • Extensive index and table of contents for quick access to each area of the law
  • Table of Sections Affected by Recent Legislation
  • Annual replacement Blue360° Media Edition
Sections Affected by This Year’s Legislation
Select Legislative Summaries — This Year’s General Session
Title 10. Utah Municipal Code.
Title 13. Commerce and Trade.
  Chapter 22. Sheriff, 17-22-2, 17-22-30, 17-22-31
  Chapter 43. Local Human Services Act, 17-43-201
  Chapter 50. General Provisions, 17-50-332
Title 20A. Election Code.
Title 23. Wildlife Resources Code.
Title 24. Forfeiture and Disposition of Property Act.
Title 26. Utah Health Code.
Title 30. Husband and Wife.
Title 31A. Insurance Code.
Title 32B. Alcoholic Beverage Control Act.
Chapter 1. Alcoholic Beverage Control General Provisions, 32B-1-102, 32B-1-401 to 32B-1-506
Chapter 2. Alcoholic Beverage Control Administration Act, 32B-2-402, 32B-2-404
Chapter 3. Disciplinary Actions and Enforcement Act, 32B-3-301 to 32B-3-307
Chapter 4. Criminal Offenses and Procedure Act, 32B-4-101 to 32B-4-708
Chapter 5. Retail License Act, 32B-5-301 to 32B-5-311
Chapter 15. Alcoholic Product Liability Act, 32B-15-101 to 32B-15-302
Chapter 16. Minor Liability Act, 32B-16-101 to 32B-16-302
Title 34A. Utah Labor Code.
Chapter 1. Motor Vehicle Act
Chapter 1a. Motor Vehicle Act, 41-1a-101 to 41-1a-1504
Chapter 2. Operators’ License Act [Renumbered]
Chapter 3. Motor Vehicle Business Regulation, 41-3-1 to 41-3-803
Chapter 4. Financing Dealers and Purchasers, 41-4-1 to 41-4-14
Chapter 5. Motor Vehicle Insurance [Repealed]
Chapter 6. Traffic Rules and Regulations [Renumbered]
Chapter 6a. Traffic Code, 41-6a-101 to 41-6a-2006
Chapter 7. Publicly Owned Motor Vehicles [Repealed]
Chapter 8. Driving by Minors, 41-8-1 to 41-8-4
Chapter 9. Guest Statute [Repealed]
Chapter 10. State Vehicle Department, 41-10-1
Chapter 11. Motor Fuels [Repealed]
Chapter 11a. Alcohol Production Incentive [Repealed]
Chapter 12. Safety Responsibility Act [Repealed]
Chapter 12a. Motor Vehicle Financial Responsibility, 41-12a-101 to 41-12a-806
Chapter 13. Department of Public Safety [Renumbered]
Chapter 13a. Security Personnel Licensing and Regulation [Renumbered]
Chapter 14. Traffic Safety Coordinating Committee [Repealed]
Chapter 15. Vehicle Equipment Safety Compact [Repealed]
Chapter 16. Motor Clubs [Repealed]
Chapter 17. Drivers’ License Compact [Repealed]
Chapter 18. Commercial Driver Training Schools [Repealed]
Chapter 19. Federal Highway Safety Act, 41-19-1, 41-19-2
Chapter 20. Recreational Vehicles [Repealed]
Chapter 21. Vintage Vehicles, 41-21-1 to 41-21-6
Chapter 22. Off-Highway Vehicles, 41-22-1 to 41-22-37
Chapter 23. Western States Transportation Alliance, 41-23-1, 41-23-2
Chapter 24. Nonresident Violator Compact [Repealed]
Chapter 25. Victim Restitution [Repealed]
Chapter 26. Autonomous Vehicles, 41-26-101, 41-26-102
Title 51. Public Funds and Accounts.
 Chapter 1. Administration, 53-1-101 to 53-1-304
 Chapter 2. Emergency Management [Renumbered]
 Chapter 2a. Emergency Management Act, 53-2a-101 to 53-2a-1205
 Chapter 2b. Interstate Local Emergency Response Act, 53-2b-101 to 53b-2b-403
 Chapter 3. Uniform Driver License Act, 53-3-101 to 53-3-1008
 Chapter 4. Investigations [Renumbered]
 Chapter 5. Regulation of Firearms, 53-5-101 to 53-5-712
 Chapter 5a. Firearm Laws, 53-5a-101 to 53-5a-104
 Chapter 5b. Utah State-Made Firearms Protection Act, 53-5b-101 to 53-5b-202
 Chapter 5c. Firearms Safe Harbor, 53-5c-101 to 53-5c-202
 Chapter 5d. Lawful Commerce In Arms Act, 53-5d-101 to 53-5d-103
 Chapter 6. Peace Officer Standards and Training, 53-6-101 to 53-6-311
 Chapter 7. Utah Fire Prevention and Safety, 53-7-101 to 53-7-506
 Chapter 8. Utah Highway Patrol, 53-8-101 to 53-8-303
 Chapter 9. Private Investigator Regulation Act, 53-9-101 to 53-9-121
 Chapter 10. Criminal Investigations and Technical Services Division, 53-10-101 to 53-10-606
 Chapter 11. Bail Bond Recovery, 53-11-101 to 53-11-124
 Chapter 12. State Olympic Public Safety Command Act [Repealed]
 Chapter 13. Peace Officer Classifications, 53-13-101 to 53-13-114
 Chapter 14. Peace Officer Candidate Background Investigation, 53-14-101
 Chapter 15. McGruff Safe House Act, 53-15-101 to 53-15-202
 Chapter 16. Canine Body Armor Restricted Account Act, 53-16-101 to 53-16-302
 Chapter 17. Public Safety Officer and Firefighter Line-of-Duty Death Act, 53-17-101 to 53-17-501
Title 53A. State System of Public Education.
Title 53B. State System of Higher Education.
Title 54. Public Utilities.
Title 56. Railroads.
 Chapter 37. Controlled Substances, 58-37-1 to 58-37-21
 Chapter 37a. Drug Paraphernalia, 58-37a-1 to 58-37a-7
 Chapter 37b. Imitation Controlled Substances, 58-37b-1 to 58-37b-9
 Chapter 37c. Controlled Substance Precursor Act, 58-37c-1 to 58-37c-21
 Chapter 37d. Clandestine Drug Lab Act, 58-37d-1 to 58-37d-9
 Chapter 37e. Drug Dealer’s Liability Act, 58-37e-1 to 58-37e-14
 Chapter 37f. Controlled Substance Database Act, 58-37f-101 to 58-37f-801
 Chapter 38a. Controlled Substances Advisory Committee Act, 58-38a-101 to 58-38a-204
 Chapter 63. Security Personnel Licensing Act, 58-63-301 to 58-63-310
Chapter 83. Online Prescribing, Dispensing, and Facilitation Licensing, 58-83-101 to 58-83-503
Title 59. Revenue and Taxation.
Title 62A. Utah Human Services Code.
 Chapter 4a. Child and Family Services, 62A-4a-201 to 62A-4a-202.6, 62A-4a-401 to 62A-4a-501
 Chapter 7. Juvenile Justice Services, 62A-7-106, 62A-7-402
 Chapter 8. Substance Abuse [Renumbered]
 Chapter 12. Mental Health [Renumbered]
 Chapter 15. Substance Abuse and Mental Health Act, 62A-15-105, 62A-15-401, 62A-15-620 to 62A-15-623, 62A-15-628, 62A-15-629, 62A-15-643, 62A-15-707
Title 63. State Affairs in General.
Title 63G. General Government.
Title 63H. Independent State Entities.
Title 63I. Oversight.
Title 63K. Emergency Management.
Title 63M. Governor’s Programs.
Title 65A. Forestry, Fire, and State Lands.
Title 69. Telegraphic and Telephonic Transactions.
Chapter 1. Department of Transportation Administration, 72-1-101, 72-1-102, 72-1-201, 72-1-207 to 72-1-301
Chapter 3. Highway Jurisdiction and Classification, 72-3-101 to 72-3-301
Chapter 4. Designation of State Highways, 72-4-101 to 72-4-304
Chapter 5. Rights-of-Way, 72-5-101 to 72-5-406
Chapter 6. Construction, Maintenance, and Operations, 72-6-101 to 72-6-403
Chapter 7. Protection of Highways, 72-7-101 to 72-7-516
Chapter 8. Pedestrian Safety and Facilities Act, 72-8-101 to 72-8-108
Chapter 9. Motor Carrier Safety Act, 72-9-101 to 72-9-706
Chapter 10. Aeronautics, 72-10-101 to 72-10-604
Chapter 12. Travel Reduction, 72-12-101 to 72-12-110
Chapter 13. Utah Spaceport Authority Act [Repealed]
Title 73. Water and Irrigation.
Chapter 18. State Boating Act, 73-18-1 to 73-18-26
Chapter 18a. Boating — Litter and Pollution Control, 73-18a-1 to 73-18a-18
Chapter 18b. Water Safety, 73-18b-1 to 73-18b-4
Chapter 18c. Financial Responsibility, Motorboat Owners, Operators, 73-18c-301 to 73-18c-308
Chapter 29. Public Waters Access Act, 73-29-101 to 73-29-208
Chapter 1. General Provisions, 76-1-101 to 76-1-601
Chapter 2. Principles of Criminal Responsibility, 76-2-101 to 76-2-408
Chapter 3. Punishments, 76-3-101 to 76-3-501
Chapter 4. Inchoate Offenses, 76-4-101 to 76-4-401
Chapter 5. Offenses Against the Person, 76-5-101 to 76-5-504
Chapter 5a. Sexual Exploitation of Children [Renumbered]
Chapter 5b. Sexual Exploitation Act, 76-5b-101 to 76-5b-302
Chapter 6. Offenses Against Property, 76-6-101 to 76-6-1409
Chapter 6a. Pyramid Schemes, 76-6a-1 to 76-6a-6
Chapter 7. Offenses Against the Family, 76-7-101 to 76-7-331
Chapter 8. Offenses Against the Administration of Government, 76-8-101 to 76-8-1403
Chapter 9. Offenses Against Public Order and Decency, 76-9-101 to 76-9-1009
Chapter 10. Offenses Against Public Health, Safety, Welfare, and Morals, 76-10-101 to 76-10-3118
Chapter 2. Prosecution, Screening, and Diversion, 77-2-4.2, 77-2-4.3, 77-2-5
Chapter 2a. Pleas in Abeyance, 77-2a-1 to 77-2a-4
Chapter 3a. Stalking Injunctions, 77-3a-101 to 77-3a-103
Chapter 7. Arrest, by Whom, and How Made, 77-7-1 to 77-7-26
Chapter 7a. Law Enforcement Use of Bodyworn Cameras, 77-7a-101 to 77-7a-107
Chapter 9. Uniform Act on Fresh Pursuit, 77-9-1 to 77-9-3
Chapter 18. The Judgment [Renumbered]
Chapter 23. Search and Administrative Warrants, 77-23-101 to 77-23-301
Chapter 23a. Interception of Communications, 77-23a-4.5
Chapter 23c. Location Privacy for Electronic Devices, 77-23c-101 to 77-23c-103
Chapter 23d. Imaging Surveillance Privacy, 77-23d-101 to 77-23d-105
Chapter 27. Pardons and Paroles, 77-27-14 to 77-27-21.5, 77-27-21.7, 77-27-21.8, 77-27-21.9
Chapter 28c. Interstate Compact for Adult Offender Supervision, 77-28c-101 to 77-28c-201
Chapter 30. Extradition, 77-30-1 to 77-30-28
Chapter 36. Cohabitant Abuse Procedures Act, 77-36-1 to 77-36-10
Chapter 37. Victims’ Rights, 77-37-1 to 77-37-5
Chapter 38. Rights of Crime Victims Act, 77-38-1 to 77-38-15, 77-38-302, 77-38-303
Chapter 38a. Crime Victims Restitution Act, 77-38a-101 to 77-38a-601
Chapter 39. Sale of Tobacco and Alcohol to Under Age Persons, 77-39-101
Chapter 40. Utah Expungement Act, 77-40-101 to 77-40-113
Title 78. Judicial Code. [Renumbered]
Title 78A. Judiciary and Judicial Administration.
Title 78B. Judicial Code.
Title 79. Natural Resources.
Article I. General Provisions, Rules 101 to 106
Article II. Judicial Notice, Rule 201
Article III. Presumptions, Rules 301, 302
Article IV. Relevance and Its Limits, Rules 401 to 416
Article V. Privileges, Rules 501 to 510
Article VI. Witnesses, Rules 601 to 616
Article VII. Opinions and Expert Testimony, Rules 701 to 706
Article VIII. Hearsay, Rules 801 to 807
Article IX. Authentication and Identification, Rules 901 to 903
Article X. Contents of Writings, Recordings, and Photographs, Rules 1001 to 1008
Article XI. Miscellaneous Rules, Rules 1101 to 1103
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